Sandy Ridge Trail Maintence day - 4/26/2014

Please join NWTA and the BLM for a Trail Work event on April 26th, 2014, from 10a-2p.

Event details can be found on the NWTA Calendar. Hope to see you there!

Nestor Peak Trail is open (aka Buck Creek)

4/5/14 - I am happy to report that the trail is clear from the top of Nestor Peak all the way to the bottom of Buck Creek.  Thanks to MTB volunteers this section of trail is open again for the season.  Enjoy!

WhoopDee Trail in HR is OPEN

Just learned that SDS Lumber lifted their "fire" trail closure for all their lands.  This means the WhoopDee trail in Hood River open. Enjoy.- Ted

Hood River / Mt Hood Trail update 9.6.13

Following Trail Update is from the Hood River Area Trail Stewards (HRATS)

Hood River / Mt Hood Trail update 9.6.13

Following Trail Update is from the Hood River Area Trail Stewards (HRATS)

Trailfest 2013!

Northwest Trail Alliance presents Trailfest 2013, A weekend dedicated to mountain biking. September 20th-22nd. See below for details.


Syncline Trail update - new trailhead

Syncline Trail Update - The Forest Service is starting construction on the new Coyote Wall Trailhead near the Courtney Road and SR-14 intersection.  Contractors will start moving in equipment this week.  Work is expected to be completed by the end of November.  The contractor is required to allow public access, however there may be a week or so when access will be restricted due paving preparation and paving.  We should have advanced warning of when this will occur and will get the information out as soon as we know.

Sickter lars trail

I spent 5 or so hours on thursday working on sickter lars loop. There is still some work to be done however it seems like this trail has been neglected. If anyone ever wants to help me work on this trail i would be more than glad to drive. i also have multiple tools .  As far as riding is concerned some riders that would like to shuttle with me is always welcome riding DH can get pretty hairy alone. 

Sandy Ridge - Trail building day with PDW - Eastside Flow

2013.05.11 - Sandy Ridge

Today was a great day to be in the woods.  Close to 50 great volunteers, along with our partners the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) worked on the newest trail at Sandy Ridge Trail System, a trail that starts up top, descends down the east side of Homestead Rd and will end at the Hide & Seek cutoff on Homestead Rd.

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