"Share The Park" Rally & Group Ride in Forest Park

This event is intended as a peaceful action to voice our disappointment with the recent decision by Nick Fish and Portland Parks & Recreation to say no to increased bike access to Forest Park.  We invite all those who share our passion for riding in Forest Park to join us for a gathering and a ride.  We like to show our resolve to make Forest Park a place where cyclists don't feel excluded, but instead are treated at par with hikers, runners, nature watchers, and dog walkers. --- We ride. We care. We share.

9:00am: gathering & social at the Thurman Gate entrance to the Park (at the very end of NW Thurman St).

We will serve FREE freshly brewed coffee and pastries for cyclists and non-cyclists alike.

9:30am: start group ride.

We will break out in a couple groups who will ride out-and-back loops of various speed, length and duration.

Beginner riders and children welcome!

Price: $0.00

Just a Thought!


Is it possible to get some of the better known bicycle oriented Co./Supporters (i.e. - Deschutes, Hopworks, Keen, Showers Pass) to offer some support?  Maybe even get some of the shops and small frame builders of the city on board.  These are all fairly strong financial supporters of this city - and I just wonder if the message would get a little louder if some of them were on board...  I personally have no connections to any of them, but some of us in the group might.

dig it!

...after you are done with your demonstration ride on firelanes at FP, then you could carpool on out to Stub Stewart State Park 30 minutes to the west and help dig single track in Stub Mountain Bike Area.


See Event Calendar.  Please sign-up to attend either Afternoon event if you are coming...  Lunch will be provided.