Gifford Pinchot National Public Lands Day

The National Public Lands Day event on the Gifford Pinchot National Forest for this year is being held on September 24th.  This is the largest, single-day volunteer event for public lands in our country.   Eighty or more volunteers are expected to help out on various projects around Mount St Helens. 

This year's event will be centered at the Coldwater Visitor Center.  There is some trail work needed on the South Coldwater Trail which is the only trail open to mtb use on that side of the Monument.

In the past several years mtb'ers have been assigned a variety of helpful tasks around the Mountain.  Last year 6 mtb'ers worked long and hard and finally unplugged a blocked culvert on the Smith Creek trail.  Water overflowing a pond made by the blocked culvert was threatening to erode the trail and make it virtually unpassable.  We also helped remove debris from an illegal hunters camp which was torn down nearby.  Debris from the camp was hauled out in bob trailers.

During one such event three years ago, the idea of holding Helens Fest was hatched! It is always great having mtb'ers present as these multi-group events since it shows our committment to Public Lands.  Further details, meeting location, time and work project, will be noted as they are known.

Please let us know if you can drive so we can arrange for car pooling.

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