Hagg Lake trail maintenance

** This event is in collaboration with haggmud.com race organizers to perform trail maintenance prior to event (there is also a post-race work party event planned).

At Hagg Lake - meet at Elks Parking lot. Bathrooms = nature.   

Plan on being there the entire day until 2:30p. 

We need you to RSVP because we will provide Subway Sandwiches for the workers!

Volunteering at Trail Work counts just like all other volunteering for Hagg. If you are trying to get to 12 hours to earn a free 2014 entry (see haggmud.com/volunteers for details and restrictions) this would count for 6 hours!

Bring any clippers, pruners, etc. that you have; even chainsaws or weed wackers if you have them and a trained to use them. Wear heavy protective clothing, shoes with good tread, and gardening gloves. You'll want long sleeves to protect yourself from the evil blackberry bushes.

Price: $0.00