Stub Stewart monthly XC build day - connection imminent!

At this point we are extremely close to a huge milestone that is years in the making- the connection of the North and South trails!   We are far from finished with anything, and the trail itself still needs a lot of work before it can be officially opened, but for those who can count the amount of work they have put into this trail in days rather than hours, this is huge and worth celebrating. 

It will be a build day as usual, as we still have to create this connection.  Afterwards, if trail conditions permit, we will ride down the south trail after having ridden in from the north.  Food and other festivites are TBA. 

Details and what to expect if you've never been out before:

Park and meet at 9am at the Clayhill horse parking/staging area, which is at the very end of the main road into Stub Stewart State Park.  From there its about 2 miles to the work site, mostly on gravel and multiuse trails, so its strongly encouraged to bring a bike and ride in.  

We have plenty of tools, but please bring a pair of work gloves.  Also suggest rain gear, warm clothes, and work shoes/boots because it gets muddy.  Also bring your own water.


More details to come. 

For any questions or concerns, contact me at

Hope to see you out there!

Price: $0.00

Our "golden spike" moment at Stub!...

It's going to happen on April 6th!  Bring your bike and be prepared to staging something that looks like this (but in the woods on trail and with bikes)...

Note: A new-and-improved park trail map is in the works (by Oregon Parks & Recreation) which includes our mountain bike trails with names (following a railroading terminology schema).  You'll like it (or hate it) but at least our trails will be on the official map and have names!