Ventura Park Pump Track Work Party

Completed during the summer of 2012, the Ventura Park Pump track is the City of Portland's first public pump track. Built through a partnership of Northwest Trail Alliance and Portland Parks and Recreation, it's a successful example of what we should have in every neighborhood in America.

NWTA is hosting a work party on Saturday, May 3rd to rebuild and improve the pump track for the upcoming 2014 season and beyond. We're looking for volunteers to come on out and move some dirt around, sculpt some berms, and then get out and ride after the work is done. A huge thanks goes out to Wood Waste Management and Portland Parks and Recreation for donating materials for the rebuild.

We'll be partnering with a sponsor to provide food and drinks to those in attendance, so come on out!

For more information, contact John "Dabby" Campbell or write to Volunteers should sign up here so we can track and reward your efforts!

When: 9:00am to 4:00pm

Where: Ventura Park, SE 115th and Stark St.

Price: $0.00