NWTA Sunday Group Rides

Repeats every week until Mon Aug 31 2015 .
Sun, 04/05/2015 - 8:00am - 9:00am

Group Rides almost Every Sunday, sampling various trails near PDX.

In light of the recent River View drama, we've decided to keep the ride local this week. Given the current open "trails", what does that mean exactly now? What is legal to ride in Forest Park, and what is projected to be rideable? Ryan will lead a tough route leaving from NW Portland that will take in much of what is legal currently as well as explore some of the secret trails of the Tualatin Mountains Metro properties.
Ride will depart from Fat Tire Farm at 9AM. Load up on goodies at Clearing Cafe just down the block beforehand. They have great coffee, breakfast items, and friendly faces. After the ride, we can have a pint or snack at the Skyline Tavern if anyone is left. A mountain bike will be most comfortable, but this ride is also possible to do on a cross bike. The ride is open to all abilities, and given that there is no carpool to sort out you are welcome to ride as much of it as you like before turning around. The total ride length will be 40ish miles. 90ish% dirt. 
Route will look a bit like this: http://ridewithgps.com/routes/6766079
Route Summary: Holman, FL1, Leif, Saltzman, FL5, Leif, FL10, BPA, Ennis Creek, McCarthy Creek

Email Dmitriy Zasyatkin at dmitriyz@nw-trail.org for any questions about the rides, suggestions or to volunteer as a ride leader.


May 3rd - Stub Stewart State Park ~
Join trail builders for a ride of park single track trails built by mountain bikers for mountain bikers.  This weekend is a massive "Stub Fest" event hosted by NWTA and sponsors at Stub State Park with 100+ volunteers working on trail projects on Saturday, May 2nd followed by a cookout and camping that event... and on Sunday is multiple group rides to showcase some of what the park has to offer those who choose to ride.  Great for family fun and freeride trail seekers alike!


July 13th - Sandy Ridge - Ride Leader: Dmitriy Zasyatkin

July 20th - Molalla Corridor - Ride Leader: Thom Batty - Sweep: Sean Benesh

July 27th - Ape Canyon / Smith Creek Loop - Epic! - Ride Leader: Charlie Biggs - Sweep: Joe Carpenter

Aug 3rd - Sandy Ridge

Aug 10th - Tarbell Trail - ÜRide Leader: Susan Martin - Tana

Aug 17th - Post Canyon

Aug 24th - SHIFT (Helens Fest) 

Aug 31th - Siouxon Creek Ü- Ride Leader: Uma Kleppinger

Sep 14 - Trail-Fest Sandy Ridge Shuttle Event 

Sep 21 - Timber to Town Shuttle Ride - ÜRide Leader: Uma Kleppinger

Sep 28 - Falls Creek - ÜRide Leader: Patrcik Loftus

Oct 5 - Growlers Gluch 

Oct 12 - Surveyors Ridge Ride Leader: Nathan Frechen - Dmitriy Zasyatkin

Oct 19 - Gales Creek - Ride Leader: Nathan Frechen

Nov 23rd - Rogers Camp - Ride Leader: Nathan Frechen

Nov 30th - Growlers Gulch (Castle Rock, WA) - Ride Leader Dmitriy Zasyatkin

Dec 7th - Growlers Gulch again - Ride Leader Tony Daversa

Dec 14th - The Golden Spike OAB (Stella to Growlers) - Ride Leader Joel Rogauskas

Dec 28st - Growlers Gulch (Part Three) - Ride Leader: Dmitriy Zasyatkin

Jan 4th -Growlers Gulch Trash Wrange and Ride

Jan 11th - Alleycross race #3- Series Finale

Jan 18th - Growlers Gulch New Trails! 
Jan 25th - Wilson River Trail OAB ~

Feb 1st - Sandy Ridge - Ride Leader: Nathan Frechen
Feb 8th - Growlers Gulch - Dmitriy

Feb 15 - Harmonic ConvergenSS or 50mi Salem Gravel Grinder

Feb 22 - Tarbell Loop - 4.5K of climbing in 23 miles

March 8th - Beginner-focused Growler's ride - Ride Leader: Nathan Frechen

March 15th - 3CR - Three Corner Rock - 5K of climbing in 26 miles OAB 


Please email Dmitriy Zasyatkin at dmitriyz@nw-trail.org for any questions about the rides.

Photo Credit: Kris Siewell

Email Dmitriy Zasyatkin at dmitriyz@nw-trail.org for any questions about the rides or to volunteer as a ride leader.

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