Event description

This event will focus on getting interested riders out to walk around the park and talk about ideas for what to do out there. We’ll also be cutting out invasive holly and blackberry, as well as flagging some potential trail corridors. We’ll have a few experienced trail builders out there to help with flagging. If all goes well we might be able to start building in the next month or two.

Rilee Park is a Chehalem Parks and Recreation District(CPRD) property on Parret Mountain between Newberg and Wilsonville. Master planning for the park will be starting soon and is expected to take ~2 years to complete. As CPRD does not have any mountain bike specific areas they have been open to a trial period where local riders volunteer to put in trails and make use of this otherwise underutilized park.


Work Party Logistics:

Who: Anyone interested in seeing the portions of the park best suited to new mountain bike accessible trails.


When: 10:00am – 2:00pm Saturday, April 6th


Where: We’ll meet at the gravel parking lot next to the farmhouse https://goo.gl/maps/p2xSZ1Lcwcn


What to expect: We will meet at the parking lot, sign waivers, break up into a few smaller groups. You should expect to walk around the forested areas for 2-3 hours. Sometimes on dirt access roads, other times through forest areas with uncertain footing. When we come across holly, blackberry, or other invasives where we can stop their spread we’ll make a reasonable effort to do so. Weather can be variable this time of year so check the forecast and dress accordingly.


What to bring: Lunch, plenty of water, snacks, gloves, and loppers, pruners, or a hand saw if you have them.


What to wear:

  • Boots
  • Sturdy work gloves (more than one pair is a good idea)
  • Long pants
  • A light, long sleeved shirt
  • Rain gear as appropriate for the weather
  • Eye protection is recommended (eye glasses, safety glasses, etc.)



Volunteers should register for the event using the form below, if that isn’t working you can access it at 

Direct questions to the organizers at rileepark@nw-trail.org