Event description

Successful Group Ride:  Molalla Trails Exploration

Bill Taylor, Chair of Molalla River Watch Watershed Council, joined our group ride and handed out newly printed trail maps .  Participants included Tana Gutzka, Pete Fairhurst, Bill Taylor, Guillaume Turcotte, Steve Burnett, Steve George and Susan Martin (Ride Leader.   Post ride included homemade cobbler, salsa and Gin and Tonics, thanks to Bill Taylor and his wife Fran.
This was just another opportunity to explore a new trail and connect with other riders.
Molalla Trail System:
Trail info – The Molalla Trails feature both a North and South side of 100% single-track riding covering over 15 miles on BLM Lands.

Trail Work – September 12-16 an IMBA Trail Solutions will be working on trail projects thanks to BLM budgeting $20,000 for trail improvement work.

Fundraiser – Molalla River Watch, Inc. is hosting
Poker Ride/Hike (biker, hikers, and horses)
$5.00 per Hand, 5 Hands for $20.  Lunches & T-shirts available for purchase.
Sunday, Sept. 18, 2016, 9 AM
Location: Hardy Creek Trailhead, Molalla Recreation Corridor
Contact: Bill Taylor (NWTA) 503-829-6793riverwatch@molalla.net

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