Event description


The logging at Growlers during the past year has fragmented the trail system. The goal of this work party is to put things back together and add a new section. Join one of the biggest and best dirt crews in the region as we aim to complete 2.8 miles of single-track in one day.

Since the weather gods are seriously pissed off about something — causing us to cancel the December 17 and January 14 events — we are electing to bypass February and go with March 4th.

You will be able to drive in to points very close to where your crew will be working. You can ride in if you are certain you know where your crew will be working. Keep in mind, however, that if the weather sucks, driving will mean that you can wear heavy boots, work gloves, and a big coat.

Details regarding tools will be forthcoming. For now, plan on bringing long-handled loppers or a handsaw. For up-to-date details, please go to http://writeteknorthwest.com/archives/18563/work-party-march-4th.

Please RSVP to Jim LeMonds, seattle0@hotmail.com