Event description

The North Coast Trail Alliance has been busy all winter working on new trails at Klootchy Creek. They’ve had crews out clearing corridor and a mini excavator running most weeks. There is still a lot of work to do out there though.

This work party will be focused on corridor clearing, trail rough in, and maybe some finish work. Fat Tire Farm has very generously offered to bring out their shuttle van which opens up both a carpool option for folks(Get tickets!!!) and potentially shuttling(still getting this cleared).

Work Party Logistics:

Who: Anyone who wants to come swing a tool to help with these trails. Families and kids are welcome, please leave your dogs at home though. Most crews will have a very short hike in to their work area.

Specific skills/equipment we could use help with

  • Chainsaws – If you have or are comfortable running a chainsaw or pole saw let us know.
  • Large Vehicles – If you have a vehicle with significant capacity for people(5+ Passnegers) and tools please let us know so we can work with you on getting details to the land owner. Any vehicles past the gate must be on record with the land manager.

When: 9:30am-2pm Saturday April 13th. An after party is planned at Ruby’s in Seaside.

Where: Meet at Klootchy Creek County Park https://goo.gl/maps/Ye4c3fmB1Ux We’ll group up there and then groups will caravan through the normally locked gate up to their work area. Carpool if you can, parking is limited.

What to expect: We will meet at the county park, sign waivers, have a safety review, and break up into smaller groups and hand out tools for the various maintenance areas identified. Groups will caravan out to their work area and work on putting the finishing touches on new trail. You should expect to work rain or shine for approximately 4 hours. Weather can be variable this time of year so check the forecast and dress accordingly.

We’ll be doing a mix of corridor clearing and trail finish work. If you have a hand saw, loppers, or a favorite dirt tool feel free to bring them. If you don’t have tools we will provide them.

After the trail work we’ll have some shuttles(maybe), beverages, and hanging out at the park.

What to bring: Lunch, plenty of water, snacks, and gloves if you have them. You are welcome to bring your favorite dirt tool, a hand saw, or loppers but they aren’t required.

FREE PERMIT REQUIRED: A free permit(in hardcopy) is required when riding or working on this private timber land. Sign up for one here: https://permits.greenwoodresources.com/PermitHome.aspx

What to wear:
• Boots
• Sturdy work gloves (more than one pair is a good idea)
• A light, long sleeved shirt
• Rain gear as appropriate for the weather
• Eye protection is recommended (eye glasses, safety glasses, etc.)
• A hard hat or your bike helmet if you don’t have one


Volunteers should sign up via the link below, and direct questions to klootchycreek@nw-trail.org

If interested in vanpooling from Fat Tire Farm sign up for a free ticket at the link below, space is limited.