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ON JULY 28th, 2016.

Recently (June 30), Metro Council voted to ask voters in November to renew the current parks and natural areas local-option levy.  The levy pays for restoration and maintenance, park operations, and opportunities for people to access parks and natural areas. (complete event details can be found here)

NWTA was there as one of the first to support the levy renewal during public testimony.

According to Metro:

About half of the money would go toward restoring and maintaining natural areas to improve water quality and fish and wildlife habitat. About 20 to 30 percent would go toward regional parks operations. The rest would go toward improving parks and natural areas for people, grants for community nature projects, and nature education and volunteer programs.


Renewing the levy would not raise taxes because it would continue the existing rate. The levy costs 9.6 cents per $1,000 in assessed home value – about $20 a year for the owner of a typical home with $200,000 in assessed value.

North Tualatin Mountains and Newell Creek are two of the projects specifically named as sites that will receive levy funds to build amenities identified in approved master plans.  You may recognize these names, and may also have attended meetings and written letters of support; your support helped contribute to the success of the planning process.  Both of the current trail plans for these properties include improvements specifically for mountain bikes.

The next step is to help ensure those plans become reality, and to ensure Metro has sufficient funding to complete the job.  If you own a home, or rent in the Metro tax area, you already pay your share.  This levy renews that commitment for another 5 years.

Voting to support the levy will be important, but we are really encouraging members to volunteer to help get the word out.  As cyclists, we know that a  great trail ride creates friends and memories that last forever.  And, beyond cycling, this is about current, and future opportunities for access in all forms which you, as residents of the Portland Metro area, may value for yourself, and your families.   Our participation and support will demonstrate our commitment to Metro’s cause.