Event description

We’re back at Velo Cult this month to celebrate Trail Fest!  We have a lot of things to discuss this month including Trail Fest, status on trail projects, and upcoming events.  Come out for a fun evening to socialize with other mt bikers.

Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day – Saturday, October 1st

Trail updates:

  • Stub Stewart – Bridge construction update and upcoming Trail Project(s)
  • Gateway Green – Upcoming Trail Project(s)
  • Sandy Ridge – Money raised – and upcoming Trail Project(s)
  • Timberline trail – new trail
  • Mt St Helens – Marble Mountain trails

Trail Steward update and the formation of new teams

  • Building a team of Trail Stewards for Tillamook Forest
  • Building a team of Trail Stewards for Mt Hood
  • Recruiting additional Sandy Ridge Trail Stewards

Update on Memberships (number of current members)

  • Reminder to stay current and encourage others to join

Update on volunteer hours for 2016

  • Reminder about how people can log their volunteer hours

Show location of Tools & Resources on the new NWTA website

Planning has started for 2017.  Want to help and ‘Plug In’ ???

  • Stub Fest
  • Sandy Ridge Shuttle (spring/fall)
  • Lap Quest (grassroots fun race)

Leadership Planning Meeting – Saturday, Nov 5th

All of our meetings are open to the public and everyone is welcome