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So let’s go ride!

On Saturday, NWTA is hosting a group ride at Stub Stewart.  

It is an advance tour of the Lap Quest route. RIDE:  Lap Quest route at L.L. Stub Stewart


RIDE:  Lap Quest route at L.L. Stub Stewart

DATE:  Saturday, May 6, 2017

MEETING TIME:  9:45 am

WHAT TO EXPECT:  Stub Stewart is a series of interconnected trails.  We will ride as a group from Buxton Trailhead via the BV trail.  Climb up Hares Canyon to the Hilltop Day Used Area, ride the connector trail to the MTB area, ride through the MTB area and down to the BV Trail.  And do the loop again.  The goal is to ride the Lap Quest route a couple times (think training ride).

MEETING LOCATION (and starting location): Buxton Trailhead

RIDE PLAN: First loop will be done as a group so that no one is left behind.  On the second loop, we will we will divide up into smaller groups based on fitness & skill level and at do the loop again (or bailout of needed).  There is a third loop is for Hammer Heads wanting an extra challenge.

SKILL & FITNESS: Levels range from Intermediate to Expert depending on how hard you want to push it.

This group ride requires that you come prepared and be self-supported.  NOTE: There are no aid stations and you will need to be self-supported (water, food, clothes, and bike parts).   Serious… come prepared.

Please RSVP by sending an email.

CONTACT: Ted Dodd, tedd@nw-trail.org

If you have to cancel at the last minute, please send an email so we are not waiting for you.


BONUS INFO: Lap Quest Route:

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