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Wilson River Trail in the Tillamook State Forest Fall Clean Up #4

Please join us on Saturday November 30th at 9 AM in the beautiful Tillamook State Forest to clear brush along the Wilson River Trail Our primary focus will be removing ferns, salal, oregon grape and salmon berry from the edges of the trail. Should be a great day out in the woods!

This is the 4th in a series of our Saturday work parties in the Tillamook State Forest this month

Register with the link provided below. This is critical to our planning process.

Where: Meet us at Elk Creek Campground (Wilson River Hwy 6, Tillamook, OR 97141) at 9 am.

What: We will hike in approx. 1.5 miles from Elk Creek Campground where we’ll turn around and work our way back clearing brush as we go along. We also will attempt to tackle any section of trail that we didn’t get to in our first three work parties. Please expect to hike a (maximum) total of 3 miles (round trip).

A majority of our work will be completed with rakes, loppers & pruning shears. No experience necessary.

The plan is to return to our cars by 1pm. Please join us for after work party for refreshments and a lite snack, beverages provided by Lagunitas Brewing (for age appropriate volunteers).

What to bring: Water, snacks & lunch. Also any other clothing/protection you’d want when doing landscaping type work (digging, raking, cutting/sawing, etc). Tools will be available but you are welcome to bring your own if you’ve got a favorite, we recommend you put your name and phone # on any tools you bring just in case. Handsaws, Loppers & Pruners are welcome.

What to wear:

Pants (no shorts, please) & boots.
Sturdy work gloves (more than one pair is a good idea).
A light, long sleeved shirt.
Rain gear/warm jacket as appropriate for the weather.
Eye protection is recommended (eye glasses, safety glasses, etc.).
A hard hat or your bike helmet if you don’t have one.

Questions? Email: TimM@nw-trail.org


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