Event description

Shoofly/North Caddy Whomper – snow storm downed trees blocking trails

We need experienced trail volunteers to come help clear downed trees and limbs from Stub Stewart State Park trails.  There are dozens of trees down and blocking many trails within the park.   We will focus on clearing mountain biking trails from Hilltop Day Use – Cross Tie, Shoofly, North Caddy Whomper – down to first bridge construction site on Shoofly.

*IF* travel advisory against driving Hwy 47, then this event will be cancelled (however there’s another event scheduled for January 28th as well – also weather/travel dependent).   Please RSVP using link below so we can communicate last minute plans.

WHEN: Saturday, January 21st @ 9am

WHERE: Check-in at Welcome Center at L.L. Stub Stewart State Park

WHAT: Divide and conquer on clearing downed trees and limbs from trail.  Need experienced trail workers to come self-sufficient.   Bring work boots, warm clothing, handsaws, food and water.   We will be assisting chainsaw crews (working separately).

Please no children and no dogs at this event!


Eventbrite - Winter Storm trail clearing at Stub