Event description

If you are looking for a supportive, encouraging atmosphere where you can get your ride on- you have found the right spot! Join us as we tour many of the trails in the beautiful, green forests of Growlers in Castle Rock, WA.

It is incredibly important that you give an honest, thoughtful review of your riding skills so you know if this ride is appropriate for your skill level. Please do not put yourself or others around you at risk. Beginner does not mean novice.

A beginner level rider can be described as:
-You’ve been mountain biking for 1 year or so.
-You enjoy it but still lack the skills to tackle terrain beyond beginner level
-You know how to use your gears and brakes properly but when the terrain gets technical you have to get off your bike and walk
-You can handle single-track as long as it is smooth and with few rocks or roots
-You can ride for up to two hours at a time


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