2012 Candidates for NWTA Board of Directors

Once again, we are excited by the caliber of candidates that have stepped forward this year. These people are interested in helping the Northwest Trail Alliance continue to grow and evolve as we work to create and maintain off-road riding opportunities and get out and ride! Make sure you show up for the elections  at HUB so we can vote and then welcome the new board members!

Raul Atencio

My name is Raul Atencio I started riding mountain bikes in 1990, Mtb's have been there for me most of my life its a sport that I really enjoy, it give me peace. To get out on the dirt and just forget everything but what you are doing in that moment, riding that bike. Its something that I can't stop doing. And I want more and more people to enjoy it because its awesome.

I love riding mountain bikes because I am a rider!!!!!. I started building trails around 1995 back in Venezuela, in 1998 we made the track and organize the first national downhill race in Barquisimeto, Venezuela. For me mountains bikes its a way of life, the reason I live in Portland, its bikes. 

I just want to ride my bike and build more trails, around the city, out in the woods, for xc, for freeride, for begginers and advance. Let's have more places to ride !!!!!! We can do it we have the best Area for it, we can make Portland the best mountain bike city in the country in the US. Let's Do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And that's why I want be on the board!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Deborah Causey

I started mountain biking in 2005 but didn't actually get addicted to it until 2007.  Three things changed for me that year, 1) I bought a bike that fit me, 2) I went to Moab, 3) I started riding with a group of women.  My husband taught me well, but my female friends encouraged and inspired me to push beyond my comfort zone.  In December 2010 I attended a Gravity Group meeting and met two women who didn't have anyone to ride with.  I wanted to find a way for women to find ride partners and communicate ride plans, so four weeks later we had our first Women's Group meeting at Bridgeport Brewing with 12 women in attendance.  We met two more times, planning monthly group rides for 2011 and a Skills Clinic held during Trail Fest.  30 women showed up for the Skills Clinic, in the rain, ditching their families on Easter and I believe more than half of them joined NWTA that day.  I found seven different women to lead each of our group rides this year, which means no one is burned out and each ride was unique.  I planned and led our August ride, which was a full moon night ride up Ape Canyon on Mt St Helens.  I am also a Westside Trail Federation trail manager/builder for the beginner freeride line at Stub Stewart State Park, which is scheduled to open June 2, 2012.  I spend most of my time planning, organizing and communicating rides, building trails, or riding.  If elected I would bring those skills to the board.


Andy Crump

I bring a passion for the sport and a desire to help Northwest Trail Alliance expand our member. Expanded membership is essential to the mission of IMBA & NWTA as a Mt Biking advocacy group to expand trails for off road riding. I feel my sales and marketing experience will help me with that effort as the Membership Director.

Mt biking history: Started mt biking in 1988 while at Oregon State with buddy Andy Jansky. Cross country rider at heart. Have rode almost every trail within a 100 mile radius of Portland. Favorite ride is St Helen's Plains of Abraham at sunrise.

Industrial and Manufacturing Engineer from Oregon State
Licensed Professional Engineer
19 years of Sales and Marketing experience
Current: Business Development Manager for Manufacturers Rep firm in the electronics industry.


Tony Daversa

My name is Anthony Daversa and I am an avid cyclist.  I was born and grew up in the suburbs of Boston, MA, the second of three children.  Throughout my life, riding my bicycle has meant many things to me.  As a child it was my first taste of true freedom, a tool of exploration and transportation.  Today my bike is an escape from lifes challenges, a venue for socializing, an adrenalin rush, a fitness builder and a sacred member of the family.

Cycling started for me at a young age.  It started with a hand me down bike with a banana seat and training wheels.  The training wheels were short lived and I remember my first taste of true freedom coming the moment I learned to ride my bike on my own.  With the mobility being able to ride a bike offered came the ability to venture out and explore the world.  Throughout my childhood my bicycle was a valued tool of exploration and transportation.  My brother and I would venture out into the world on adventures and we would ride our bikes to school and sporting events.

Through high school and college I lost touch with my bicycles as I focused on team sports and to get a Bachelors degree in Business Management at Bridgewater State University in Bridgewater MA. I then went on to build a career in the product creation industry as a Footwear Product Developer for companies such as Reebok and Reef. 

In my mid twenties I began to rekindle my relationship with my bicycles and develop my love for mountain biking.  I went out and bought a bike and started riding.  I didn’t know much about cycling then but I was eager to get on the bike and learn as I went.  After a year or so of learning how to ride mountain bikes in the Northeast, I again put the bikes aside to pursue a career in the footwear industry living and working in S. Korea and China. 

After returning from China in my early 30’s I moved to the Pacific Northwest.  I was 50 lbs heavier than I am today and I had enough of being overweight and unhealthy.  At the encouragement of a friend I decided to get back on my bike.  The very minute that I got back on a bicycle I was reminded of my love for all things cycling.  Within 3 weeks of that ride I raced my first cyclocross race and I purchased a new mountain bike.  I haven’t stopped riding and racing since.  My true passion is riding in the dirt.  I love the forest and the adventures that riding trails provides.  I also love the physical demands and the adrenaline rush that come along with climbing a challenging technical section and ripping an epic downhill.  Over the past 6 years riding my bike has been my passion.  I ride my mountain bike every weekend and love to explore all of the amazing riding the Pacific Northwest has to offer.  I now currently race cross country mountain bikes, cyclocross and short track mountain bikes as  member of OBRA.  I am also co-founder of the Portland based Filth and Fury cycling team.  Cycling, and particularly mountain biking, are a way of life and are ingrained in all that I do.  


Joshua Hutchens

I grew up inSacramento, Ca, have been a mountain biker since 1986 and riding dirt track bmx since 1979. I've raced in just about every discipline imaginable and been involved in mtb / trail advocacy groups in Sacramento, Santa Cruz and here in the Portland area. i worked for many years as a professional mtb guide and guided trips all over the United States and in several other countries. I took my first bike shop job at the age of twelve as the official shop gopher, have been a mechanic, sales person, shop manager and was one of the owners of Cyclepath here in portland from 2005 until 2011. I am a long time IMBA member and enjoy mountain biking of all types although I spend my favorite days on a six inch, cross country bike. I'll be spending the next several months making The Lumberyard mountain bike park the coolest place I can imagine. I am running for a board position with NWTA because I want to help create more opportunities to enjoy the sport that has brought me so much joy. I have had success bridging communication gaps and demonstrating the importance of mountain biking in healthy communities. My experience has shown me that mountain bikers, when properly educated and well advocated can influence other user groups positively and enhance everyones experience in nature.


Dan Jursnick

My grandfather introduced me to the great outdoors at a very young age and I find that is where I am most at peace.  Mountain biking continues to offer a special way or excuse to explore the outdoors.  I have a passion for back country rides but also enjoy a quick trip up to Sandy Ridge.  I find that if I can get out for either a mountain bike ride, kayaking trip, hike or backpacking trip on a regular basis I am a better person.

I think it is important to encourage others to experience the wonders of nature and find the joys it has to offer.  By increasing the number of people that recreate in nature we increase the interest in protecting nature now and for future generations.