Results of 5/3 work party at Stub

Trail has been built to intersection where viewpoint loop will
eventually be routed.  Because we have not had good turn out on
volunteer build days (not enough people swinging McCleod's), the next
build day will short-cut around to the east instead of digging the
viewpoint loop.   Building the short viewpoint loop trail will be an
add-on once we've completed the initial main loop for phase 1. 

work parties at Stub are scheduled for May 6th (evening), May 23rd, and
May 30th.  See Event Calendar for details, and email
if you have questions.

overview map 5/3/2009

group of 3 volunteer builders worked hard to clear and benchcut
additional single-track.  Also took care of some minor "to do" tasks -
clear log jam snag and remove large stump.   See 2009 Trail Building at Stub gallery  for more photos from this and past build days.


new single-track


volunteer group worked on adding new single-track trail, the park trail
manager worked on starting construction of the access to mountain
biking zone.  There will be an info kiosk on the left, and the fence
serves as barrier to equestrian users.  The "gate" gap (over 3 feet
wide)  in fence will be a short (under 2 feet high) A-frame skill
filter (also serves as a psychological barrier to hikers who might
otherwise wander thru the gate).  A-frame SketchUp diagram .


under construction zone access

  W.T.F. has purchased


W.T.F. has purchased lumber and fasteners for build of the A-frame skill filter at mountain biking zone trailhead.

On Wednesday, May 6th, during organized Pedal Nation group event... volunteers will focus on building the A-frame, and then riding the single-track afterwards (a night ride).