Bell Built Trail Building Grant

...while I'm new to Portland, there seems to be a few existing projects (Sandy, Stub Stewart) and at least one prospect (Riverview) that would be ideal for this.

Seems like Timberline would

Seems like Timberline would be a best bet too.  Althought that's such a huge endeavor the factor "Cost feasibility: can the proposed trail/facility be constructed with the available funds." might exclude it.   Will make sure this is up on radar of appropriate resource.

Riverview, to my knowledge, doesn't include the type of trail this funding source is specific to.  That's a "natural" area which happens to have some biking trails.  Doubtful city would want us to promote it as a "Gravity" destination.

Stub Stewart includes a Freeride skill area, and I've already let the project lead organization know - Westside Trail Federation.   NWTA is focused on the XC aspect of Stub mountain bike area build out at that location.   There *is* talk of build out of a pump track area near Hilltop, but that's just a "treat as rumor" level of project right now.

Westside Trail Federation does have a plan in its back pocket for a DH-specific trail network within Oregon Department of Forestry (public land) in Tillamook State Forest which was put on hold by ODF due to lack of funding (within the Department).  This grant might be the thing to "unstick" that project.   Again, I've already brought to attention of WTF.  Will let them run with it if desire to pursue.

Following up on this... Tom

Following up on this...

Tom Slovak, the NWTA volunteer trail steward for Sandy Ridge, let me know that "(BLM) is mobilizing to submit an application for the approved trail on the east side of Homestead Rd at SRTS. This is planned to be most technical descending trail at SRTS and seems like a great fit."

We'll be making sure the Timberline mountain bike park folks are aware of this funding source as well.  Certain aspects of that may score points with grant reviewers for this funding source even though it's not 100% 'shovel ready' yet (that isn't a requirement - it just scores more points).

I'd assume Timberline might

I'd assume Timberline might not qualify; as it's a for-profit endeavor (you are talking about the bike park right?), I suspect it wouldn't qualify.