New Milestone in the Trail Development Partnership Program

The Ditch Witch SK755 is the MAIN part of equipment we targeted for purchase using 2012 RTP grant funding (20% of the required matching was provided by a generous donation from Universal Cycles).   Membership dues are what help offset operating costs for running the equipment on various NWTA projects as well as making it available for grant to other partners when they are unable to pay 100% of the rental cost for use of our equipment.   See for info about this aspect of NWTA's mission.

NWTA's SK755 was the 2nd one delivered to a customer!  They are that new.  Much improved over their aging SK650 machine.   It's got better track system, improved operator platform (more comfortable), most powerful engine in its class (with effective 25HP to the attached tool), and is fastest skidsteer type machine out there - almost 5MPH in forward or reverse.

In addition to the standard bucket, we purchased a vibrating plate compactor, 6-way blade, and 12" auger.   This machine will be used as a support machine for building trails.  Our ST240 is still our primary "single track" machine.   But there's certain tasks which can get done better using a machine like the Ditch Witch.   Need a wide 42" shared-use trail on gentle terrain dug?  This can do that.  Got a pump track need built?  This can do that.   Need material transferred from one place to another or loaded into a motorized tracked dump carrier?  This can do that.  Need a bunch of holes dug for features, kiosk, or trail signage?  This can do that.   Want narrow single track built on a steep side slope?  Er, well this would be bad for that, but that's what the ST240 is for! More info about the Ditch Witch SK755... it's Ditch Witch's newest "compact toolcarrier" (

Next up on the list of items to be purchased using RTP funds... a Canycom 1,000 lb capacity motorized tracked dump carrier, a custom tilt deck trailer for hauling the SK755 and Canycom to project sites, and a chainlink fence for securing NWTA's growing inventory of trail construction equipment and other stuff.
There will be an "unveiling" celebration hosted at Lumberyard ("soon") where we'll showcase our growing inventory of equipment for supporting trail construction in the Portland area.   Look for this event in the March/April timeframe and watch for announcement on Facebook group or the Event calendar.

New equipment to be showcased 2013 PDX Bike Show - March 23rd/24th.   Check out NWTA's booth(s).  We'll have an indoor booth as well as one outside the venue - pop out the side door and take a look at NWTA's growing inventory of trail construction equipment!