VIDEO: Stub trail build status - Jan 5th, 2013

Video update from 2012/2013 Stub Stewart State Park trail build project (see Overview):

Video review of what NW Trail Alliance volunteers accomplished for January 5th work party at Stub Stewart State Park.

Goal for Spring 2013: complete "Link Pin" connector trail to link North to South mountain bike area (opening up South area trails already on the ground)

Missed Dec 1st Stub update video?

Here's that (it gives another view of the north and south trails and the distance we need to get done to connect them):

Walk-thru of October ST240 construction of North Link Pin...

You can watch a 5-minute walk-thru of part of the work accomplished with ST240 on North slope for Link Pin...

Right now, those sections of trail shown are settling in.  We'll do some finishing work in Spring/Summer 2013.   Upper section of Link Pin is ridable (opened officially).