Stub Stewart XC trail connection nearly complete

Here's a little update on the progress at Stub.  The north trail is getting used regularly and in great shape as usual.  The South trail, while closed, is firming up nicely and aside from a few turns that need modifying, it rides great, both up and down. 

The Linkpin trail which will connect North to South trails is currently under construction, but very close to making contact.  A newly discovered boundary marker has made the job a lot tougher than expected as we now have to go down and back up a small ravine to reach the south side.  Its been a challenge to find a way down because we are limited by property boundary on one side and landslide steepnes on the other.  The result: 9 switchbacks in a 50 yard radius, a section I like to refer to as "Switchback Madness."  Actually these are climbing turns, so no tough digging required, but it doesn't have that cool sound.  It will be a unique and fun piece of trail to ride, add some nice distance, and the build time / ride time ratio should be very favorable! 

After switchback madness, we will skirt the hillside a short distance, do a  small climb and then make contact with the unfinished loop on the south trail.  The entire section is flagged and ready to build.  

Backing up for a minute, Linkpin still needs a lot of work before it is rideable.  There are 2 true switchback turns that need more shapeing, and 4 drainage areas that stay wet and need bridges or turnpikes installed.  There will probably be several turns that need some berms or better shapeing.  The climb up from Genzer Creek is a very tough build, and its going to be tough riding as well.  The grade is pushing the max sustainable lilmit and then there are sections where the tread is both rocky and narrow.  Beginners and even some intermediate riders will have to walk, but I have no doubt that it will make a better rider out of just about everyone that attempts it.  The rewards will be good, immediately after you descent into a long S turn and then onto some flowly ridgeline, then down switchback madness, all with very minimal pedaling.  For that matter, the next 2 miles of trail will either be flowly or descent, with only a few short climbs. 

The excitement about this trail is really starting to grow.  Those who come out to the next few build days are going to see some new trail that will really make you salivate over!