Syncline is ripping

Cecily and I rode out in Syncline today. The weather east of the mountains was nice, partly cloudy with some wind. We rode up the main fire road and then a long the ridge to until we reached a trail that dropped down along a cliff to the Catherine Creek Parking area. This trail, that I don't know the name was steep and challenging with a muddy off-clamber top section and a much rockier lower section along the cliff face. The exposure was pretty high in places. 

When we reached the bottom we rode back along the road to the parking area from Catherine Creek. Our total ride time was about 3 hours. At the main parking area there were a lot of people shuttling and generally having a good time. But one note to the guy who was peeing in front of his truck...that's not cool. 

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Little Moab

The cliff face may have been what they call little Moab.  I know it has a lot of exposure.

We were further east of the

We were further east of the cliff where Little Moab is. But we are looking to forward to going out there next Sunday to explore.

We rode Syncline Today

Here are some photos from our group ride.


Nice shots!  I uploaded my

Nice shots!  I uploaded my few to the PUMP flickr group too.

We ended up hanging out in the sun for about an hour at the top. :)

(There may be a new bike in my future, I had a ton o' fun getting back down to the parking lot. >:) )



"Why, yes, honey, I do love this bike more than you."

Syncline Ride - PHOTOS - Sunday 4/13/08

Ted DoddWow what a ride!  A group of Pump riders converged at the Syncline Trail head at Courtney Road.  It was a fun exploratory ride which resulted in a challenging climb up the face and fun/fast ride down the Coyote Trail.   Attached is the link to the Photos I took.  Enjoy!


This coming weekend!

I'm so jealous! I've never been out there. It looks awesome! Who's up for this coming weekend?


2 Syncline rides this past weekend!

I had a great time riding at Syncline both Saturday and Sunday this past weekend.  Saturday we had a group of 5 folks and Sunday we had 6, both groups car pooled from Gateway Transit Center to the Courtney Road Trailhead.

I'm still learning out there, and have been a total of 3 times now, so my trail names may be off in the description below!  It is awesome.  The scenery has been mind blowing, especially considering the cabin fever I've been suffering from here in the moist valley of Portland.  Wildflowers blooming everywhere, bright sunshine, views of Mount Hood and the Columbia River Gorge, and of course great riding!

Saturday we rode up the Donkey Trail and then descended a trail near the cliff, but away from the edge, which put us on Little Maui.  We then rode up the Donkey Trail and descended Little Maui again and continued back to the car and on to Full Sail to re-fuel ourselves and talk shop about our fun day.

Sunday, we rode up the Donkey Trail (excepting Chris who rode up Little Maui).  We then traversed the roads along the treeline and descended Coyote Canyon back to the cars.  Super fun!

Here are some photos from this past weekend's rides:

JillWhale meets SerpentRidersCliffWaterfallAaronJillBrianShaneTrailShanti and DionneDionneChrisTrail

Syncline Sunday 4/27/08

Our Sunday trip with Ryan K was the first time JD and I had

ridden Syncline and we loved it. Can't wait to do it again!

Lots of climbing upfront, but I don't mind using my legs for

that kind of fun, sustained downhill. Much better than buying 

my "D" on credit. Great ride for lower-intermediate and up.

I want to say "anyone" as the uphill really isn't technical at all,

but the big payoff is the downhill (and the warm weather ... and

the views ... and ...). Even though I did McKenzie River my first

year, I think my first year out I would have been frustrated to

do all that Syncline climbing just to walk my bike down most of

the time. The trail is narrow, rocky, rooty, limited exposure, and

lots of opportunity to open it up and fly; in other words: Nirvana!


Thanks so much to Ryan and Chris for leading the way for our happy

little bunch. Just like Disneyland, we're ready to do it again!


This trail system is an absolute must! 


~ Shanti

Ride Hard - Go Big - Live Your Dream!

Best Syncline loop

Hi. What's the best loop out there? I've poked around a couple times in the past and had a good time, but felt like it could likely be better if I had a greater understanding of the trail system and how to link up the various segments.

I know the trails aren't marked, but I noticed people referring to them by name. Is there a map available somewhere? ...or do you just have to befriend a local?

 thanks in advance,