Moving to PDX

I am moving to PDX in th next couple of months and wanted to know if there are any trails in/close to the city? From what I've read most of the trails are 1-2hrs east/west of town. That's the same riding situation that Im currently in and it sucks.


Trails close to Portland

Yes Portland has two seasons...winter and summer, with two distinctively different trail systems.  The Summer season expands the trails to the mountains that are closed to snow. 

Here are some closer (within 1 hr) in town trails.  You can check out more on the trails Wiki ( on our website.


Powell Butte

Cascade Locks

Lacamas Lake


Brown's Camp

Wilson River

Silver Falls State Park

Forest Park

It's True

There are a few options for close-in riding, but for a real mountain bike experience, you'll be driving to a trailhead.  Depending on where you live, there are options within an hour.

Currently there are not a lot of options due to winter conditions above 2000 feet.  But later in spring and summer the out-lying areas are moutainous and offer lots of great variety

Where are you moving from?

Also new

I'm also new to the Portland area. My wife and I are moving over from Boise, Idaho in two weeks. I had no idea what I was moving into 10 years ago when I moved to Boise...130 miles of phenomenal single track literally a block and a half from my house and another 50 miles of trail 40 mins away. Suffice it to say, I now know exactly what I'm giving up and what I've taken as granted over the past 10 years. Looking into Portland's MTB world kinda shocked me.

Over here we hear how well developed the cycling community of PDX is...and from what I can tell, there is a huge commuter/trendy/lifestyle cycling community and a fairly robust road crew. However, it's been tough to get a real sense for the MTB world. I'm excited to explore and find out exactly what's going on there...even if I have to travel a ways to get to good trail. 

That said...I'm pumped to meet some of you and get involved. Here, with a robust trail network, there's a tight inner circle of trail builders, clubs, and teams, so the average person has a tough time getting involved. I'm not complaining, those guys and gals have built a phenomenal network of trails, but I'm excited to be a part of more than riding good single track.

If we can get settled and our feet under us quick enough, I'm going to try and make it to the April 6th Stub's Connection build day. I hope to meet and see some of you then!



Thanks for the info.  This

Thanks for the info.  This helps a lot.

Im moving from Ohio in May and this should help a lot.