Scappoose update 7/6/2011: South side open (more inside)

Thanks everyone for your patience while the south side trails @ Scappoose (aka Rocky Point Road) have been closed!  As noted earlier, this is an actively logged timberland, and thus, we will encounter periodic closures. 

The south side is now OPEN!  At the time of this posting, all the closure signs have been removed and the south side is open.  Most of the trails are unaffected by the clearcut, with the exception of one which we're working w/ the land manager to re-open.

As trail closures can change on a day-to-day basis it is the responsibility of the rider to observe any posted closures at the gates.  Gates will be clearly marked when access is closed, and we anticipate closures later this summer for both spraying/planting on the south side and for fire danger.

Longview Timberlands (LT) is also appreciative of our self-policing regarding the closure.  Our efforts have been noticed and help to continue to build our relationship with LT.  Please continue to educate riders that you meet on the trail regarding the private ownership and the authorized activities as posted on the red signs at the gate.

There are some maintenance tasks that need to be done @ Scappoose, and if you are interested in helping, please contact Andy Jansky (Scappoose rep).  We'll be putting together a small group of individuals to perform the work, as authorized in this limited context via LT.  Andy can contacted via the "Trail Stewards" page (Rocky Point Road, last line).  All maintenance must be approved and done in supervised work groups.

Status of the Scappoose trails as of July 6th, 2011:

North side: OPEN

South side: OPEN.


Tom Slovak

Trail Care Director

where is the South Side access?

Where is the South Side access?  I've only ever ridden the North trails.

Scappoose still open as of 9/3/11?

Like to hit Scappoose Sunday 9/4 and checking to see if they're still open even with the hot weather as they seem to close to fire danger each summer. Thanks in advance.