Fall 2012 / Winter 2013 trail conditions (by riders for riders)

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11/21/2012 - Stub is "OK" for riding

North mountain bike area at Stub is "OK" for riding.   I rode from Hilltop and back.

Current conditions posted here...
I removed dozens of downed tree limbs and branches along route.
There are half dozen downed logs remaining (which can be easily bypassed by dismounting bike and stepping over).   If someone brought a handsaw 3 more could be removed.   All of them are located on the 1/4 loop of North Caddy Whomper and upper Link Pin connector trail.
There are 3 logs that definitely will need either winch or chainsaw to remove from trail. (Trail Steward and park trail ranger has been notified).

We've got at least 3 spots where downslope drainage nick needs to be cut but overall the trail is in great shape and holding up well to the wet.


guess nobody is riding anywhere...

No updates, so nobody must be riding.  Huh.  Odd.  Mountain biking in Portland is dead?   That can't be... I'm pretty certain its pretty hot.   Is everyone riding at Lumberyard Indoor Bike Park maybe?   What's happening there that someone can share about anything new and exciting or upcoming events maybe?


Sandy Ridge and wiki page

Just rode Sandy today and updated wiki page. Great idea for posting trail conditions Joe. Spent the last two days debating whether driving out would be worth it. Had dry condiitions today and overall trails were in good shape.  Drive totally worth it

Stub and Sync GTG

Rode Stub on 12/6. All the main trails are ridable and in great shape. Thanks to whoever blew the leaves! The new lower connector (Link Pin?) that goes from the XC loop intersection over to the new closed trail that goes down into the gorge is too muddy to ride. Avoid this on wet days and ride the upper one. They go to the same place.


Rode Syncline on 12/10 and conditions are real good. The only muddy spots are on the Jeep road. Rode Upper Enduro and the top reroute needs some riding! Little Moab from the top is in great shape!


Update on Stub - 12/22/2012

Mountain bike area had large downed trees reported after 8" of snow previous week.   Ranger Blair, the new park trail ranger, headed out today with Bob Fieler to remove the downed trees.

I'll be out tomorrow 12/23 with NWTA trail steward Robert Clark to assess ridability of trails and will post condition report on wiki after that.

Update on Stub - 12/23/2012

Mountain Bike area was closed 12/22 by park ranger due to dangerous situation with some partially downed trees. By 3pm on 12/23, trails re-opened by NWTA volunteers. I used new Stihl chainsaw purchased by NWTA with 2012 RTP grant funds! Merry Christmas to riders heading to Stub for a Christmas eve or day ride!

Trails are in ok shape for riding.  Holding up well. some small branches down on trail but nothing major.  Getting regular use.  No issues at this time,  but not the newest opened section (upper part of Link Pin just completed) is understandably mushy (since its fresh trail).

Stub 12/23 - trails re-opened

Trails WERE closed...

Now they are OPEN...  Thanks to quick work with NWTA's new Stihl MS290 chainsaw.

Did more than 2 dozen cuts with the new Stihl chainsaw and it worked great!

(this photo makes the bar look tiny - it's actually got a 20" bar!)


Anybody ride syncline recently? How are trail conditions?

Hagg Lake trail - 12/22/2012

Rode northeast section of trails.  Surprisingly ridable for the most part.  There ARE short sections of standing or flowing water on trail.  Don't recommend riding at this time - too much damage would occur to trail tread.

New elk field re-routes are holding up well.  They need more work to get them dialed in.  Started a 2013 trail project To Do list that will be sharing with Jon Peak and Bruce (the NWTA trail stewards for Hagg).

Planning for couple of Winter work party events for Hagg.  Check event calendar.

Sandy Ridge Trail

Sandy Ridge was beautiful yesterday, 1/20/13, felt like 50 degrees due to this inversion.  Homestead road was full of snow just past the Hide & Seek Cut Off, but H&S itself was dry with only short sections of snow where there isn't enough tree cover, and the bridge just past the Two Turntables intersection was iced over.  Only rode H&S myself, but others reported that other trails were also in good shape.

Stub Stewart State Park - 1/22/2013

(From Bob F - camp host, trail volunteer, and avid mountain biker): "Sunny & 40.5 F.  Trail surface was a mixture of dry, ice and mud.  No downed trees on the trails ridden.  Lower part of Hares Canyon trail had large areas of ice and mud.  The Banks-Vernonia trail from the park to the Buxton trailhead had several patches of ice on it."

Sandy Ridge and Syncline (Coyote Wall) 3/9/2013 & 3/10/2013

Rode Sandy Ridge and Syncline (Coyote Wall) this on Saturday.  Sandy Ridge was in great shape.  A tiny bit of snow on Rock Drop and at the very top of Homestead road.  Other than that it was clear sailing on 338, Two Turn Tables, Hide n Seek.  the trails were in great condition thanks to the alst few days of dry weather.

Syncline was in great shape as well.  It was windy (as one can expect in The Gorge) and there was some trail maintenance going on (thanks Joe and everyone that was out there).  Other than that it was a great day out there.  Dry, but not a lot of dust.