Washington Student Mountain Biking enters 3rd season

Next week, local high school and middle school students will begin training for the 3rd season of riding and racing in the newly formed Washington Student Mountain Bike League. The 1st two seasons were governed under the NICA Organization(National Interscholastic Cycling Association). This year brings a big change for the league as it is now operating under the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance. The league is still managed by the same group of leaders including League Director Lisa Miller, however partnering with Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance brings in additional dynamics that provide for a more comprehensive program to include areas such as stewardship, advocacy and community outreach. The benefits of a program that focuses not only on racing and competition, but does more to empower our student athletes to be leaders within their teams, schools and their community to be stewards of the our trails, forest, and environment
Due to a large demand for a program that includes younger athletes, additional changes were made to open the program up to students in middle school as well. 
Therefore beginning this year, 7th and 8th grade students can participate in the season as well. This enables us to have a greater ability to develop league members into future trail advocates, building stronger future membership for groups like the NWTA and Evergreen.
Currently we have two teams established in SW Washington, one from Vancouver and one from Camas/Washougal. We will also be hosting a race again this year at Washougal MX park. It is encouraged that more teams be developed in our area, including the Portland Area. Since Oregon does not have an official league(yet), a Portland team would be able to compete with the Washington League. If you are interested in starting a team and/or getting 7th-12th grade students involved, contact Ed Fischer at ed@camasbikes.com or Lisa Miller at lisa@evergreenmtb.org   League website is www.washingtonleague.org