Outreach Alert to Forest Park mountain bikers

Please abstain from unauthorized trail building, riding on trails that are off-limits to bikes.

February 17, 2010 -- Northwest Trail Alliance has been alerted by Portland Parks & Recreation staff about a recent case of unauthorized trail building and illegal riding in the North Management Unit of Forest Park – the area located north of Germantown Road. This is a very serious matter, as this area has the highest habitat values in the entire park, and is actively used by elk and other wildlife.

While riding is currently allowed on some roads and trails in the North Management Unit, the area is not being considered for expansion of off-road riding opportunities, primarily because of its habitat value. This is clearly spelled out in the Forest Park Natural Resource Management Plan, and Northwest Trail Alliance fully supports this management approach.

Northwest Trail Alliance asks all bike riders to abide by the regulations that are currently in effect in Forest Park. Unauthorized trail building and illegal riding negatively impact our on-going discussions with Portland Parks - and with other land managers - to create more riding opportunities in and around Portland.

We have initiated actions in collaboration with Portland Parks & Recreation to help prevent any further unauthorized trail building/riding in this area. We are also developing an outreach plan to educate off-road cyclists about riding options, regulations, and restrictions in Forest Park. We will also be discussing this issue at our next Monthly Meeting & Social, which will take place on Tuesday February 23rd, at the NW Lucky Lab (details). 

For more info on where you can ride in Forest Park, click here or download the official Forest Park mountain bike map (PDF). For a good summary of where IMBA and Northwest Trail Alliance stand on the issue of unauthorized trails, please read this article.