The following is a list of Northwest Trail Alliance forms. If you’re an organizer of an NWTA sanctioned ride or work party, take a minute to print the form you need and have all participants sign it before hitting the trail or picking up a tool. An event is considered sanctioned when posted on the calendar and/or site.

(All documents published as multi-format Adobe PDF documents for ease of sharing across computer platforms.)

NWTA Ride Waiver Multi Signature

NWTA Ride Waiver for Minors 

NWTA Ride Leader Checklist Form (2 pages)

NWTA Ride Check-in Form

NWTA Trail Maintenance Volunteer Waiver (Multiple Signature)

NWTA Trail Maintenance Volunteer Waiver for Minors

NWTA IMBA Printable Membership Form

NWTA Tax Receipt

NWTA release and indemnity agreement – 2015