Mount St Helens

National Public Lands Day

National Public Lands Day is a fun day of stewardship working alongside other user groups taking care of our public lands.  We will again take part in the event at Mount St Helens National Volcanic Monument, Gifford Pinchot National Forest.  The event is centered at the Marble Mountain Snow Park on the south side of Mount St Helens.  In the past we have installed signs along the ski trails, cleaned out culverts which protected Smith Creek Trail, and other maintenance projects which benefit all users of the Monument.  Our partners at the National Volcanic Monument and Mount St Helens Institute really appreciate the efforts that are but in.


Ape Canyon Sunset/Moon Light Cruise

Plains of A  Sunrise

Not a hard ride, but we are adding a twist.  You must bring everything you need to spend the night and have steaming cup of coffee in the morning.  This means carrying a sleeping bag, pad and tarp or tent and sufficient water and food. Consult for ideas.

This is a trial run for some of us thinking about doing this on some more epic rides, so come on along, none of us have done it before. The plan is:

5:00 pm Leave Portland

7:00 pm Leave Ape Canyon trail head

8:30 pm Find a place to sleep on the hard cold ground and enjoy the full moon

6:00 am  Wake up for sunrise – make coffee and race back to town/lives and jobs.

Have a stove and french press already.

If done right, nobody will even know you were gone from work/home.

If interested send me an email, times are negotiable and may change.

(extra points to identify the guy checking his phone last time we were on a sunrise ride)


4th Annual Labor Day Mountain Bike Shop Ride on Mt. St. Helens

We have made this an annual Labor Day Shop Ride as it is one of the only days in the summer the shop is closed so we can all ride together, and many friends come along. Come Join us on a great day of riding on incredible trails at base of Mt. St.Helens at Ape Canyon/Plains of Abraham/Windy Ridge Trail.


Helens Fest IV - 26 thru 28 July 2013.

Helens Fest IV.  The format should be the same as the first 3.  We spend three great days in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest working and playing in a wonderful setting.  We ride bikes on two days on some of the best trails around and we spend a day of stewardship working on trails.  We camp at the Marble Mountain Snow Park.  If you've attended a previous Helens Fest you will know what kind of fun we have and what to expect.


Smith Creek - reconnaissance

The snow is melting, and it's time to do some exploring around Mount St Helens.  We'll hope the gate is open, and the road to Lava Canyon is snow free.  If it isn't, we'll ride the extra five miles to Lava Canyon before dropping down in to Smith Creek for an exploratory, first of the season ride.

No one has been up there yet to report on trail conditions, but we can expect to encounter some winter blowdown. 

We'll head down in to Smith Creek rather than up to Ape Canyon since the snow pack up around the Canyon will still potentially be moderate.


Siouxon is open

I made an abbreviated ride on Siouxon and found it open.  One re-route, but otherwise in good condition.

Lewis River Conditions?

 Has anyone been out to Lewis River recently? If so, how's the blowdown and snow pack? The snow appears to be melting quickly thanks to this warm weather. I'm hoping to hit it next weekend but will wait if there is likely to be much snow.



Mt St Helens Group Ride

Tim Wilder will be leading this ride on Mt St Helens on Saturday, August 4th.

Meet at Ace Hardware parking lot in Woodland, WA at 8:15am - Departing for trail at 8:30am

Trail:  Blue Lake Trail to Loowit Trail on Mt St Helens

Distance:  ~10 miles round trip as an out and back, with possible extensions

Pace:  Less than race pace

This is an Intermediate/Advanced ride based on pace and terrain.  Expect varied terrain conditions, from extremely rocky to loamy to semi sandy.

Bring:  Food, water, helmet, a bike in good condition, spare tube, proper trail tools, and a camera

If you have questions you can email Tim  -


Helens Fest III

Helen's Fest (Photo courtesy of David Anderson

Helens Fest III. 

Located at the Marble Mountain Snow Park on the south side of Mount St Helens in the Mount St Helens National Volcanic Monument, Gifford Pinchot National Forest.  A mountain bike festival of stewardship and riding the trails; we ride two days and perform trail maintenance on Saturday.  Rides offered will be advanced beginner to advanced level.

Back country camping; bring your: food, water, shelter and weather appropriate clothing.

The Trek demo mountain bike fleet will be there!

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