Boundary Trail

A Finn rides Mount St Helens


Hello all, and greetings from Finland – land of thousands of lakes in Northern Europe.  I work for Nokia and recently got a chance to spend a weekend in Seattle before starting some work together with Microsoft. Some 14 years ago I was hiking in the Mt St Helens area and thought It would be nice to go and explore the area on mountain bike.  After some Googling around I found PUMP site and got in touch with David Anderson. Thanks David for excellent hints on selecting the trails to study.

Aaron's Dream

Aaron has a dream, and it's a mighty challenging one.  He dreams of riding his mountain bike from the Ape Canyon Trail up to Windy Ridge, connect with the Boundary Trail head east and then ride down the Quartz Creek Trail and then finally connecting to the Lewis River Trail to finally arrive at the Lewis River campground, a soft air mattress and a much awaited beer.  That is a very big challenge, which definitely has some potential to it!  Who knows, maybe it could become an official ride called the Aaron's Challenge!

Boundary Trail, Mount St Helens, WA

On July 3, 2009 Cecily and Jordan Norris and I rode the Boundary Trail in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest from Elk Pass to Ghost Lake.  For a map of the ride go to:  Elk Pass is on Forest Road 25.

On this 18 mile round trip ride we were the only users of the trail, other than two people who hiked from the west with their two dogs to Ghost Lake.

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