Work Party

Get the shovel out

Mt Hood Work Party/ Shuttle Ride

 Saturday October 24th, NWTA will assist with a Mount Hood work party on the Bottle Prairie Trail off Road 44.

Depending on weather, we will arrange vehicles to finish the work party with a ride down Dog River.

Halo on the Hood by patmans.



Eichler bike park work party

Mike Estes will be hosting a work party to finish the jumps at Eichler Bike Park on July 16th. The work will be from 5pm to 9pm (sunset)

Bring gloves, water, flathead shovels, buckets or wheelbarrows, well behaved dogs are very welcome too!

Please share these details on your social media outlets. If anyone has a question, please direct them to my email at


June 14 Trail Work Day

June is here, the 44 trails are in fine form and it’s time for our first organized work party of the season.

Saturday, June 14 is the day.

Where: 9am Little John Snowpark Hwy 35
What: Trail maintenance, Super Connector
When: Saturday, June 14, 9am-2pm

HELMETS required! bring shovels, rakes, 5-gal buckets, wheelbarrows, gloves, lunch, water, long pants, work shoes, dress for the weather!

We’ll meet at the Little John SnoPark on Hwy 35 at 9am for coffee and registration. We’ll shuttle up to the work site and get started. There are a a variety of projects including trail armoring with reject and corner alignment. We’ll break into two or three smaller crews on the trail.


Hagg Lake trail maintenance - brush back

It ain't super sexy trail work, but somebody's gotta do it ... we'll be doing "brush back" to help battle back the various vegetation encrouching on sections of trail.

Meet at Sain Creek covered area (pavillion) to check-in, sign waiver, and get marching orders.


Sandy Ridge Trail Project

Please join the Northwest Trail Alliance (NWTA) and the Bureau of Land management (BLM) for a Sandy Ridge Trail System (SRTS) trail maintenance and build day,  Sunday, May 18th, 2014.

Trail mainenance focus: Volunteers will form into small groups and make improvements to the lower section of Hide & Seek.  In addition there is a strong possibily that we will be building some new trail. 

If you ride these wonderful trails, please come out and help keep them in great shape!


Ventura Park Pump Track Work Party

Completed during the summer of 2012, the Ventura Park Pump track is the City of Portland's first public pump track. Built through a partnership of Northwest Trail Alliance and Portland Parks and Recreation, it's a successful example of what we should have in every neighborhood in America.


New Trail construction party in the Tillamook State Forest.

Sat, 10/18/2014 - 9:30am - 2:00pm

We will be working on the Step Creek Trail out of Reehers Camp. The meeting spot is the Reehers Camp Day Use Area parking lot at 9:30am to sign in. This parking lot is located at Milepost 2.25 on Cochran Road out of Timber Oregon.


The Third Saturday of the month Trail Party in the Tillamook resumes its normal schedule this month.

Yep, you guessed it.  New Trail construction party on the Step Creek Trail. We meet at the Reehers Camp Day Use Area parking lot at 9:30am to sign in. This is at Milepost 2.25 on Cochran Road in Timber Oregon.

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