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A Finn rides Mount St Helens


Hello all, and greetings from Finland – land of thousands of lakes in Northern Europe.  I work for Nokia and recently got a chance to spend a weekend in Seattle before starting some work together with Microsoft. Some 14 years ago I was hiking in the Mt St Helens area and thought It would be nice to go and explore the area on mountain bike.  After some Googling around I found PUMP site and got in touch with David Anderson. Thanks David for excellent hints on selecting the trails to study.

Road 90 Closure, nr Cougar, WA

 Forest Road 90 to Close Sept. 13 and 14

Helens Fest II - 26 thru 28 August 2011

Helens Fest II is fast approaching.  If you have any questions about the event please post them here and we'll get your questions answered!

Helens Fest is a three day weekend of advocacy and stewardship of a very unique riding area.  There is nothing like it anywhere in the 48 contiguous states.  The event is being held at the Marble Mountain Snow Park on Forest Road 83 in the Mount St Helens National Volcanic Monument, Gifford Pinchot National Forest in south-west Washington.  We operate under a special use permit issued by the Monument Manager.

Smith Creek exit now signed!

The lower point of the Road 83 extension at it's junction with the Smith Creek trail is now signed by the Forest Service.  The sign was placed August 10th and points out to mountain bikers where to turn off the Smith Creek trail to return back to the parking lot at the Ape Canyon trailhead.  This announcement was made by Sharon Steriti, Trails/Climbing Specialist with the Mount St Helens National Volcanic Monument. 

Mount St Helens - Gifford Pinchot Trail work

No trail work parties are currently scheduled for the Mount St Helens area until Helens Fest II - ( 8-10 July ), when our Saturday will be devoted to working on several projects.  The Forest Service has been working on the Lewis River Trail and I expect that trail to be in pretty darn good condition.  The Siouxon Trail has received attention this year from several of us and is also in good condition. 

Because of lingering snow pack we do not yet know what condition the trails are in.  During the last two weekends of June I will be making several trips up to the mountain on exploratory rides and may do some light work on those rides as well.

Helens Fest II

Helens Fest II, 8-9 July 2011.

We will be posting updates here and on facebook at:

We are in the process of planning some great rides for Friday and Sunday and some great trail work parties for Saturday. 

We will be at the Marble Mountain Snow Park again this year and attendance will be limited, so sign up on NWTA or Evergreen websites.  We will monitor sign ups on facebook as well.

National Public Lands Day - September 25th, 2010

The National Public Lands Day event is coming up quickly! This year we have several projects for which we will be working on - including uncovering a buried culvert at Two Hose Crossing. Those of you who have ridden Smith Creek in the last month or two will know exactly where that is! This culvert has been buried for 30 years and has caused overflows that have seriously eroded the old Forest Service road bed at this point. We will be hauling a pump to the work site and cleaning the site out to uncover the culvert so the water will no longer be a serious issue at this point. There are also going to be several other projects we will work on down in Smith Creek. Please let me know if you plan on attending by sending me an e-mail: ujelang at gmail dot com. Also, please register on the Mount St Helens Institute's website. There will be a bbq dinner after work. It is always a good thing to have a good turnout by mountain bikers!

Mount St Helens - Smith Creek work parties

This Sunday, August 1st, will be the first of several work parties on the Smith Creek Trail, Mount St Helens National Volcanic Monument, during August and September.  Dates for the other work parties will be announced at a later date.

On sunday's work party we will be doing some as needed work hopefully as far 'north' as, or above, Ape Canyon Creek.  Future work parties will focus on sections of the trail above that point.

There will be ample opportunity to ride your bike before, during and after, the work party.  Tools needed include: shovels, loppers, garden rakes, brush saws, and if you have access to one, a bob trailer - although I have two we could use another.

We need to leave Portland by 07:00.  We can meet up in Battleground (at Fred Myers on the north-west side of Hwy 503 and Main Street - if needed) before proceeding up to the Ape Canyon Trailhead.  We'll descend in to Smith Creek on the old 83 Road.

If interested please e-mail me at ujelang at gmail dot com for a meeting time/place in Portland.  Please advise if any questions.

Mount St Helens, The West Side Story

The west side of Mount St Helens is about as different from the east side as could be expected.  It's scenic.  It's tough.  It has variety.  It's probably not for everybody.  Doing the entire 15 mile loop will involve about 3400 feet of climbing, with the toughest section along the Loowit Trail, which in my opinion is the most scenic portion of the loop, but also the toughest because of four large gullys that are subject to washouts and are hikeabike situations.DSC_0161

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