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Single Track Trails

Trails By Category

Many trails currently need to have detail added. Placemarkers have been added to map, but the info is missing (if a link is red then that page needs to be created still). Can you help add details? Click a marker on map, then click the trail link. You'll be able to edit the page contents.

Want a trail added to the map, but don't have time to add it yourself? Take a minute to E-mail with the GPS Lat/Long coordinates for trailhead and name of the trail.

Additional trail resources

  • Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance has a evgn:Map which has many Washington single track trails (and some Oregon as well). This NWTA Wiki was inspired by their successful Trail Info wiki and the Evergreen web manager has been collaborating with NWTA resource. In fact, hint to page editors (that means you since open to all for editing)-- you can link to any of their pages from here using evgn: as prefix for page name (on Evergreen wiki), and if editing pages on their wiki using nwta: as prefix to refer to any pages here.
  • Ride Oregon Ride at is hosted by Travel Oregon and has many popular Oregon Trails listed.
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