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Name Cascade Locks International Mountain Bike (CLIMB) Trail
Tech Rating Starrating.gifStarrating.gif
Grunt Rating Starrating.gif
Singletrack 99.5%
Fire road .05%
Paved 0%
Total trail 2 mi.
Alt. change 195
Latitude: 45.686331
Longitude: -121.855017
Nearest medical: Stevenson WA
Adopted by: Andy J
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Trail Overview

The trail flows through various topography and vegetation typical in the Columbia Gorge. From Oak and grass savannah to open forest, the trail provides stunning views of the river and Gorge walls. Less than 200 ft of climbing is necessary along the trail and can generally be classified as a green route, yet don’t expect a flat and straight path. The route should take from 20 minutes to 50 minutes depending on speed and ability.

If you are looking for a good all weather riding spot within 45 minutes of PDX this can be a good option. The perimiter loop trail covers a variety of terrain from easy to ride natural stone beds to plain soil. The trail is fairly tight and twisty. It's a good spot to do laps and work on pedaling hard out of the turns. It's a fairly easy route, but with enough turns and braking required that it would definitly be good spot for beginner's to build confidence and work on skills and for an advance rider to crank as hard as they're willing to. This trail will get better the more it's ridden so give a shot if you have a couple of hours.

How to find it

I-84 East, take Cascade Locks Exit 44 Go through town, left on NW Forest Lane Turn Left on Cramblett Way

Typical Conditions

Trail is mud free as of 4-14-2012. If you see a spot you dont like grab a bucket of gravel from the self service station and spread it.

Current Conditions

November 16, 2011 The trail is now a full loop.

March 17th, 2012 - Rode 10 laps out there this morning. Actually got lucky and squeezed it in between rain showers so it was actually nice. After a week of hard rain in the Gorge it was drier than expected. Some sections are naturally stone coverred so they will always be dry. A few sections on the East side were getting a littly sloppy but weren't too bad. As people grab buckets of gravel to spread each time out it will only get better. I'd recomend keeping the gravel spreading to a minimum though and only put down a thin layer at the most. Parking lot section needs to be finished up and I didn't really care for all the little rollers along the entrance. Each one makes a puddle. I also dug out a few drain paths to drain some of the larger puddles. Next trip I'd bring a shovel to do a better job making drain paths on a few of the puddles. I'd say a day or two with a small crew 5-10 people working and a couple of wheel barrows and the wet/muddy spots could be gone opening up a great any weather riding spot if you just want to crank out laps. All in all a good spot for a quick workout within 45 minutes of PDX.

The rollers are intended to be done 'pump track' style. See if you can make the full section without using your pedals, then you did it right. -thanks the designer.

Seasonal Open/Close Schedule

Trail is open all year.

Ride Guide

You can go either direction, but if you have a favorite, let us know.


Pretty hard to get lost, always stay left when going clockwise.

I rode both directions multiple times. Some people prefer to ride counterclockwise.

Local Points of Interest

Make sure and stop and get the best ice cream cone at East Wind Drive-In, on the way home in town and let them know you were at the NWTA trail. (Maybe they will give cones at the next work party!)

Misc. Information

The trail is dog friendly, but watch for poison oak off trail. There are some cliffs with amazing views up and down the Gorge, but stay back from the edges.

We have semi-regular riding events and work parties at this trail system. If you would like to be included on future mailings, please send an email to to be added to the Cascade Locks email list. Thank you!

Advocacy Information

The easyClimb trail was constructed by Northwest Trail Alliance, in partnership with the Port of Cascade Locks and community support, to provide an introductory mtn biking experience for all. The trail is designed for biking however is open to all non-motorized users. Expect obstacles, features and other elements designed to teach new riders how to handle their bike and body position. Alternate routes are typically provided.


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