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Name Sandy Ridge Mountain Bike Area
Tech Rating Starrating.gifStarrating.gifStarrating.gif
Grunt Rating Starrating.gifStarrating.gifStarrating.gif
Singletrack 90%
Fire road 0%
Paved 10% (road climb)
Total trail 15 mi.
Alt. change 1300
Latitude: 45.3796372236739
Longitude: -122.027435660384
Nearest medical: Gresham Urgent Care, 2850 SE Powell, 503-666-5050
Adopted by: NWTA
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Trail Overview

The Sandy Ridge Trail System provides recreation opportunities for hikers and mountain bikers to explore the foothills of the Cascade Range. Located on a ridge just west of Mount Hood and above the Sandy River, the trail system winds through a typical Western Oregon forest of Douglas-fir, western hemlock, western red cedar, and various hardwood species.

See current map (July 2013) at

How to find it

Directions from Portland: Head east on Highway 26 towards Sandy, OR. Continue east ~11 miles past the town of Sandy. After passing Windell's Camp on your right, take the first left on East Sleepy Hollow Drive. Take the next right onto East Barlow Trail Road. Follow this road across the Sandy river and keep right at the immediate intersection. Continue past the first parking area/restroom on the left. The signed trailhead for Sandy Ridge is about .25 miles ahead on your left. Paved parking exists in the main lot along with restrooms. Additional unpaved parking is available near the yellow gate at Homestead Rd (*please do not block the gate*).

Typical Conditions

Set in the foothills of Mt Hood, Sandy Ridge get significant precipitation in the winter/spring months. Elevation at the trailhead is about 1200' with a gain of about 1000' to the top kiosk (1300' all the way to the peak elevation), so the snow-level may inhibit upper riding in the winter.

The trail has been designed to drain well and reinforced/armored to hold up for year-round riding. However, please use caution when riding new trail construction in wet/damaging conditions.

Current Conditions

  • 7/4/2013: All trails open, including the newest east side trails, "Follow the Leader", a 1.65 mile advanced trail that features a challenging double black diamond segment and "Flow Motion", a 0.75 mile intermediate flow trail with incredible soil and more than fifteen very tall berms. Updated trail map published.
  • 5/9/2013: Summer 2013, daytime riders, please use caution as Homestead Rd is being used to transport harvested timber. From the BLM: "USER NOTICE: Timber harvest on private lands in the vicinity of Sandy Ridge will begin on May 6th. Homestead Road/USFS 14 will be actively used for timber haul during the summer of 2013. Active hauling (up to 20 loads per day) will take place on non-holiday weekdays, primarily between the hours of 6 am and 4 pm daily. Users should consider using the system outside of the affected hours. Those visiting during the week should exercise extreme caution and utilize the designated bike lane."
  • 3/12/2013: Some remaining snow drifts on the top of Homestead Rd, but only a couple hundred feet of walking. Trail was snow-free from info kiosk down. Scattered puddles on the tread, but overall in good shape and well-drained despite the moisture. Trail crews have done a nice job re-grading berms on lower Hide&Seek and the flow is great. Kudos to the trail designers who put together a trail that drains so well!

Maps and Information

Bureau of Land Managment Website

City of Sandy Bike Map (PDF)

Local Points of Interest


  • Available nearby in Sandy, OR. *Be cautious that the speed limit is 25mph in many parts of the town of Sandy and is enforced by radar patrol.*


  • Brightwood Tavern (63010 E Brightwood Bridge Rd, Brightwood) - Local tavern with large beer tap selection, American food, outdoor summer seating.
  • Wraptitude (67441 E. Highway 26. Welches) - Hot and cold wraps, coffee/espresso.
  • Sandy Shell Station (38422 Proctor Blvd, Sandy) - Right next to the cash register inside this Shell Station is a food counter where you can get a breakfast burrito/tamale/etc.
  • La Torta Caliente (38400 Pioneer Blvd, Sandy) - Tiny Mexican restaurant, inexpensive food.
  • Thai Home (38676 Pioneer Blvd, Sandy) - Thai food.
  • El Burro Loco (67211 E Hwy 26, Welches) - Great burritos just east of Sandy Ridge on 26.
  • Trout Pub (39333 Proctor Blvd, Sandy) - Great taps selection, burgers.

Bicycle shops:

  • Sandy Bicycle (17390 Smith Ave,Sandy) - Local bike shop located on the east side of Sandy, by the Chevron gas station.

Trail descriptions

  • Hide and Seek - The original trail at Sandy Ridge. A 3.5 mile intermediate trail that starts at the kiosk at the top of the Homestead Rd climb and descends back to the trailhead. From the kiosk, riders follow a converted road section, then descend through the woods in a very technical rocky/rooty section until the halfway point at the Little Joe Creek bridge. After the bridge, the trail becomes a series of fun and flowy berms and jumps. Riders can also access the trail at the halfway point cut-in off the paved Homestead Rd.
  • Three Thirty Eight Loop (aka 338) - A 2.25 mile intermediate loop accessible from the top kiosk and at the end of the Hide and Seek converted road section.
  • Rock Drop - A .75 mile advanced trail that begins after a short climb from the kiosk, Rock Drop starts w/ a drop and proceeds to have several table jumps, berms and rock features in a short descending section. There is a return trail that you can loop back to the top for multiple runs.
  • Quid Pro Flow - A 1.75 mile advanced/technical XC trail that starts at the end of rock drop and loops back around to 338. This trail features a few rock gardens and other rock features, and finishes w/ a climbing traverse to the connection to 338.
  • Communication Breakdown - A 1.5 mile intermediate segment of trail that heads west of the 338 loop. The trail ties back into the new section of 338 that traverses back into the Hide and Seek trail. This section begins at the same point that Rock Drop starts and is a mixture of machine and hand built trail construction with lots of rhythm and flow, 7-9 percent grades and built for intermediate riders and traditional XC enthusiasts.
  • Two Turntables and a Microwave - A 2.25 mile advanced trail that starts at the viewpoint on the return leg of 338 trail (right before you drop in to descent back to Hide and Seek) and traverses the terrain down until it connects into Hide and Seek just before the Little Joe Creek bridge crossing. This section has a bike park feel at the top with very large berms, drops, and techy rock sections. After a couple of turns the trail drops sharply and will be narrower and techier as it makes its way down at a 12% plus grade to the intersection of Hide and Seek.
  • Follow the Leader - (*New* - July 2013) A 1.65 mile advanced trail that features a challenging double black diamond segment. Riders start at the upper info kiosk and traverse a couple scree fields before fording Little Joe Creek. From there, the trail drops 350 feet in the next mile with some exposure, big grade reversals and plenty of opportunities for skilled riders to get off the ground, concluding with a long rock garden that crosses a open boulder field prior to ducking back into the woods to meet up with Flow Motion.
  • Flow Motion - (*New* - July 2013) A 0.75 mile intermediate flow trail with incredible soil and more than fifteen berms. The trail drops 275 feet through a nice doug fir and hemlock forest before crossing the road and tying directly into lower Hide and Seek Cut. Great pedal to payoff ratio, with an easy session opportunity using Homestead Road.
  • Laura's Loop - A .75 mile loop suitable for beginning riders, accessible after a short climb up the paved Homestead Road. The entrance is a the point of the lower Hide and Seek road crossing.
  • Homestead Loop - This .75 mile loop is the most easily accessible beginner loop at Sandy Ridge. The loop circles around the main parking lot area.

Advocacy Information

Northwest Trail Alliance volunteer trail steward for Sandy Ridge is Tom Slovak (

Semi-monthly volunteer trail maintenance days are held throughout the winter/spring each year, with coordination between NWTA, BLM, IMBA and bicycle industry/business supporters. Keep an eye on the Northwest Trail Alliance website/calendar for the scheduling of these events.

The Sandy Ridge system, as of July 2013, contains more than 15 miles of single-track trail and provide a variety of difficulty levels. The system was designed and built with assistance from the International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA). Input was also solicited from user groups and local stakeholders during the multi-year Sandy River Basin planning process. Download the Updated Sandy Ridge Trail System Map and Guide for more information.


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