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StubMtbArea south ridge.jpg
Name Stub Mountain Bike Area
Tech Rating Starrating.gifStarrating.gifStarrating.gif
Grunt Rating Starrating.gifStarrating.gif
Singletrack 0%
Fire road 0%
Paved 0%
Total trail 5 - 20 mi.
Alt. change 800
Latitude: 45.7391299362028
Longitude: -123.198037505172
Nearest medical: Hillsboro
Adopted by: Joe Rykowski

NWTA hosted Trail Parties scheduled for every 1st Saturday thru May 2013! Ride to project site, get fed lunch (if you sign-up thru event calendar), then ride some more or build more trail.

There is more than 15 MILES of natural surface shared-use trails all open to mountain biking in the park (see link to park brochure below for map). Below highlights just the "mountain bike specific" trails which have been dug by mountain bike riders for mountain bike riders.

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Trail Overview

Stub Stewart State Park is the playground in your backyard. Just 31 miles west of Portland, the park offers camping, picnicking and hiking. If you like trails, this is the park for you. Explore nearly 15 miles of new trails. Bring your horse or bicycle and spend hours exploring the far reaches of the park. After a day of play, finding a quiet spot to relax is easy in the 1,650 acres of lush rolling hills, forest and deep canyons.

Have time for a day trip only? The Hilltop Day-use Area with its views of the Coast Range is perfect for a family gathering. Two trailheads, one at the north end and the other to the south, are gateways to hours of exploring.

The mountain bike specific area has a nice xc loop soon to be joined by a skills area and freeride trails. The Banks-Vernonia Trail also runs through the park for those interested in doing some longer riding.

Also see Trail:Stub Freeride Skill Area.

How to find it

Grab all the info you need at

Typical Conditions

Trails are built very well and drain quite quickly. As of 2011, its still not up on the radar with local riders as a destination, so there's very minimal use. You can ride on weekdays and feel like you have the whole mountain bike area to yourself... and on weekends only see maybe one or two other riders, or trail volunteers digging new trail for you...

Main trails closer to camps typically have hiker and equestrian traffic - but none in winter. Stub is a popular "horse camping" destination. Remember to be courteous to other park users, and ALWAYS stop, talk, and listen to equestrian trail riders - don't spook their horses!

Current Conditions

All trails within park are open to mountain bike riders. There's more than 15+ miles of natural surface shared-use trails and several miles of mountain biking specific trails.

For Freeride skill trail conditions see Trail:Stub Freeride Skill Area page. The freeride area was constructed by and is sponsored by Westside Trail Federation volunteers. Construction of freeride area started 1/2011 and grand opening of beginner/intermediate trail happened on 6/2/2012 during State Parks Day!

 1/22/2013 (From Bob F - camp host, trail volunteer, and avid mountain biker): 
 "Sunny & 40.5 F.  Trail surface was a mixture of dry, ice and mud.  
 No downed trees on the trails ridden.  Lower part of Hares Canyon trail had large areas of ice and mud.  
 The Banks-Vernonia trail from the park to the Buxton trailhead had several patches of ice on it."

under construction zones

  • North-to-South connector - UNDER CONSTRUCTION - "Link Pin" is focus for 2012/2013 trail parties. Join us to get the trail opened sooner!
  • South mountain bike area - Not open - it will open after connector from North is completed.

Open/Close Schedule

Unless otherwise noted specifically on trail - due to construction or other reason... The mountain bike area trails are open all year.

Day Use parking within Stub closes at dusk.

Day Use parking at Banks-Vernonia trailheads close at 8pm.


Park Location: On the east side of Oregon 47, four miles north of the U.S. 26-Hwy. 47 intersection. The park is 31 miles west of Portland in Washington County.

Best parking within park: Hilltop Day Use ($5 for day, or $30 for annual State Park pass good for all Oregon State Parks - you can buy an annual pass at the Welcome Center, otherwise use the self-pay box at Hilltop Day Use parking area)

Freeride Skill area

See Trail:Stub_Freeride_Skill_Area for details.

Once you reach the Freeride area (about 3/4 mile from Hilltop Day Use parking), you can session a series of trails with challenging features for advanced riders (beginner to intermediate Freeriders). There are many options on trail to choose from e.g. a beginner could roll thru a set of jumps (or even use bypass around them) or a more advanced rider could "double" the set (take off on first jump and landing on tranny of second, etc). Ideal for riding with groups with varying skill level.

Not sure how to get to the skill area? Follow the "4.5 mile" route below and you'll run into it 1/4 mile from the access to Stub mountain bike area.

1 mile easy loop - but with steep climb and descent

Good for family - intro to riding dirt trails in the woods (also climb/descent). Start at Hilltop Day Use parking area. Ride Matchcutter Lane, part of Boomscooter Trail to connect with Skidder Row Loop. When on Skidder Row loop do the loop to left and then back down and over to Hilltop. That's only about 1 mile with one climb and one descent (on the Skidder Row loop). Half path and half singletrack. All shared-use.

4.5 mile Intermediate - natural surface and single track

If not planning to explore the 15+ miles of shared-use trails within main part of Stub, then best direct route to access Stub mountain bike area is Hilltop->Hooktender Horseshoe->North on Hares Canyon to mountain bike area (about 4.5 mile ride if same route out and back - but there's many routes to choose from). Half shared-use and half mountain bike only trails.

10 mile More advanced Intermediate - more cardio than technical

Best parking outside of park for longer ride (for total of about 10 miles but many additional trails could connected to make for longer ride): Buxton trailhead on Banks-Vernonia State Trail (free parking, gate closes at dusk). Ride B-V trail north towards Vernonia and you'll ride into Stub State Park, turn north on Hares Canyon trail (steep for short distance then rolling but steady climb), access mountain bike area towards end of Hares Canyon trail on your right (there's a kiosk and you can't miss it!). 1/3 paved (shared-use), 1/3 wide path gravel/dirt mix (shared-use), and 1/3 single track (mountain biking specific).

Additional option both to add a bit of mileage and fun variety to this route is "Jack Straw Tarry" trail. It's a fun section of trail both to climb and descend. Grade is moderate and turns (while in need of berms) are gradual. Recommend riding when heading back DOWN Hares Canyon trail.

Local Points of Interest

Stub Mountain Bike Area is located within L.L. Stub Stewart State Park which is full service state park with cabins, RV/tent campgrounds, hike-in campground, meeting halls, and ampitheatre. There's also an 18-hole disc golf course within the park. Currently 9-holes are open and course is under construction.

This State Park is located at roughly the midpoint of the Trail:Banks-Vernonia_State_Trail. Be sure to check out B-V trail if interested in additional beginner "family friendly" mileage (21 miles of rail-to-trail).

Misc. Information

Be sure to check out the Northwest Trail Alliance website to see when build days will be happening. - Oregon Parks & Recreation "scenes from Stub Stewart" video (general public/camping focused). - Grant's Getaways: State Park Free Ride Trails aired 10/20/2011 on KGW News Channel 8. Props to the volunteer trail builders putting down trails!

Advocacy Information

Robert Clark ( is NWTA Trail Steward lead trail maintenance work in collaboration with land manager.

The Westside Trail Federation in cooperation with NWTA are the folks to thank for these amazing trails. Please sign up to help out with the construction of the next phase in the project.

2011/2012 Scheduled Volunteer trail work parties --

Trail Tasks To Do

The following tasks are specific to the Stub mountain bike area and is list maintained by NWTA volunteer trail stewards. If you've got items to add, feel free to add them but notify to alert!

North Caddy Whomper trails

  • Link trail back to CW (below end of Freeride area) has 6" down tree blocking
  • Far end of CW has 8" rotten log down blocking - moved out of way 11/26/2011 by unknown riders (photo:
  • Low area on CW filled with water (large puddle) - flagged alternate single track route around (ST240 winter project?) - 12/23/2011 Bob/Joe +1 dug alternate route to bypass low area (links to existing single track from CW)
  • Finalize signage and place actual signs
  • Drop gravel and spread at top of first drainage crossing - 12/23/2011 Steve dropped gravel. Bob/Joe +1 completed task.
  • Complete construction of berm turns at steep section before 1/2 mile XC loop - completed 2/2012 by Bob/CPS crew.
  • Skybound tree near tunnel log - tree felled by Steve Kruger
  • Tunnel log - bucking done by Joe Rykowski
  • (Tunnel log) need clear trail/regrade - week of 12/19/2011 cleared by Bob
  • Flag alternate single track route around big puddle (low area near wet land) on Caddy Whomper corridor
  • 180 turn on switchbacks - tree blocking apex - tree felled by Steve Kruger

South area

  • Flag next section of trail to work on for November work party. - done
  • Complete climb/descent up to top of ridge. - done
  • Terrain scouting across first 3 ridges. - done
  • Sustainable reroute of lower bridge connection - completed, awaiting adjustments
  • Reroute of overlook area - completed, awaiting adjustments 3/2012
  • Flagging across 1st ridge - done
  • Building across 1st ridge - done 11/2011
  • Flagging across 2nd ridge - done
  • Building across 2nd ridge - done 12/2011
  • Flagging across 3rd ridge - done 2/2012
  • Building across 3rd ridge - done 2/2012
  • Terrain scouting/flagging 4th ridge 2/2012
  • Terrain scouting/flagging 5th ridge 2/2012
  • Flagging to 4th ridge and waterfall crossing - 3/2012
  • Build to 4th ridge and waterfall crossing - done 4/2012
  • Build bridge across stream crossing - awaiting approval 4/2012
  • Build loop on last ridge - in progress 4/2012
  • Build + control point to view of waterfall
  • Implement trail signage
  • Build descent down 5th ridge - averted
  • Scout upland route between North and South - Fall 2012


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