Month: September 2020

Gateway Green First Dig Day – Recap

This past Saturday, with the help of Portland Parks and Recreation, NWTA held its first volunteer work party since COVID19 brought everything to a grinding halt. For the past several months, contractors and professional trail builders, such as Jason Wells from Sasquatch Trails, have been hard at work moving Gateway Green from its humble beginning … Read More


Rocky Point is closed due to extreme fire danger, wind, and other hazards.  This closure takes effect Tonight, September 7, 2020, and will remain in place until the weather forecast improves. This applies to all trails and parking areas including both North and South trail systems. Please DO NOT enter the property at all. If you have … Read More

Why ‘For the Love of Trails’

The name “For the Love of Trails” became clear with COVID-19 restrictions looming over canceled work parties. We love trails, and with the expansion of riders and new members, the bike industry has been booming. While we’re prepping to get back into digging this Fall, things will look very different with COVID and mandatory social … Read More