Klootchy Creek

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Oregon’s newest MTB specific riding area. Just off Hwy26 before merging to the 101. Parking at the well marked Klootchy Creek Park. Also a fly fishing destination.


A free acess permit is required. Click here to sign up online. Create an account, then request an Oregon Permit. A printable vehicle placard and user card will immediately be available online. If you are without a printer you might be able to get away with a handwritten vehicle placard with the permit number on it.


Spanning an area of over 140,000 acres, Greenwood Resources’ private timber property just East of Seaside, and covering an area North nearly until Astoria, is ideal terrain for mountain biking, yet it had no bike trails. The North Coast Trail Alliance (NCTA) changed that in 2018 when they approached Greenwood Resources about a trail stewardship agreement to build 15 miles of trails. There were only two problems: 1. an agreement required an insurance general liability policy that was out of reach for NCTA as an unincorporated club, and 2. Greenwood wanted to see 45 miles of trails, not just 15. The first problem was solved by partnering with NWTA for the legal and fiscal sponsorship of the project, and to make the project officially an NWTA project under its general liability policy to meet Greenwood’s requirements. The second problem merely involved thinking three times bigger than originally intended, raising three times more money, and working three times as hard. Since August 2018, the Klootchy Creek mountain bike project has evolved through a master planning phase, regular work crews logging thousands of annual volunteer hours, and now with contracted professional trail building. A group of mountain bikers on the coast of Oregon had the vision, the energy, and the motivation, but sometimes it takes institutional legitimacy to get to the next level. NWTA is proud to have been able to provide NCTA with the resources it needed to turn an idea into reality.

Upcoming plans

A master plan was developed that has future plans for 40 miles of trail

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