Trails Sustainability Institute

The Trail Sustainability Institute (TSI) is NWTA’s internal training classes for everything related to trail building. We want to make sure our trail builders are knowledgeable in not only how to build/maintain fun trails, but ensure those trails are sustainable, and that the work is done safely. Our classes are broken into two categories: Trail School is about teaching trail building techniques, and Crew Leader Training is teaching experienced trail stewards to manage trail work done by novice trail builders. We are working currently to expand our curriculum develop videos for remote learning, so stay tuned for exciting updates.

TSI Instructors

Bob CareyAddison WardwellAndy Jansky
Paul HobsonNancy StoneColin Marthaller

Trail Sustainability Institute Episode 1

Some of the topics currently covered are:

Trail School

  • Safety
  • Trail Work Etiquette
  • Tool Identification/Uses
  • Trail Vision
  • Corridor Clearing
  • Drainage
  • Bench Work

Crew Leader Training

  • Pre-Event Preparedness
  • Safety
  • Crew Assessment
  • Skill Building within Crew
  • Situational Awareness
  • Time/Effort Management
  • Support Your Crew

There are several training classes given per year. Watch the event calendar and/or Contact Nancy Stone for more details.

Sawyer Training

While moving dirt is a huge part of our organizations trail building efforts, there are occasions where we have to remove down trees in order to push our trails forward. As our organization grows in numbers and continues to support a large swath of trails in the Northwest, it is important that we have properly trained individuals to support all the work, and this includes chainsaw use.  The NWTA partners with the US Forest Service and other agencies and trail organizations to ensure we have a crew of properly trained sawyers to complete the necessary volunteer work.

There will be 1-2 certification classes per year. Watch the event calendar and/or contact Dan Beaman for more information.

Heavy Machinery Training

NWTA owns a number of pieces of heavy equipment from simple (gas powered wheelbarrows) to complex (ST240 trail building machine). Effective and safe use of this equipment requires proper training. If you are already an experienced trail builder and want to help out with machine-built trails, contact Daniel Stuart for more information. This training is apprentice-like and requires close to a 40 hour commitment to be productive on the trail building machines.

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