TSI Instructor Profile – Addison Wardwell

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Originally from Northern New York, I have now been in the PNW for nearly eight years. I have been building “backyard” trails by myself for decades but NWTA has been my gateway into official and sustainable trail building. Cycling, in general, has always been a great escape from any day-to-day stresses, and I want to help as many people as possible have the same opportunity and access that I’ve enjoyed.

What interested you in becoming a TSI  Instructor?

I was regularly showing up for dig days at Rocky Point and was there often enough that they asked me to be a crew lead. I really enjoyed teaching newer members of the build crew what we were doing and why so joining TSI was a natural step.

What do you enjoy most about being a TSI Instructor?

I always learn something new even when we’re teaching, so it’s awesome to incorporate that into the next lesson or conversation.

Why do you think this program is important and/or why should folks participate in this program?

By helping others get involved and setting them up with the knowledge they need, the impact is exponentially greater than we could accomplish by ourselves.

What aspect of trail maintenance/building can you nerd out on the most?

A trail is inherently collaborative. All the people who plan it, build it, ride it, and maintain it leave some sort of a mark. Even the people who try to block new trails or limit how they can be constructed shape what they turn out to be. And out of that comes something tangible but also constantly evolving.  And if that’s too philosophical, on a practical level I’m always thinking WWWD – “What Would Water Do?”

Addison became a Trail School Instructor in the Fall of 2021