Join us!

We are dedicated to expanding your mountain bike recreation opportunities by building trails, maintaining trails, and creating a community of actively engaged mountain bikers. We work hard to turn membership dollars into riding opportunities. See our Advocacy page to see how we are turning your contributions into results.

We present our membership support levels as a flexible set of options to help you find a personal balance between what you can afford, how much you value our work, and different ways to structure your payment. You can also support NWTA through one-time or recurring donations here.

Please note that our membership sign-up process is done through an external website and doesn’t include the opportunity to signup for our newsletter. In order to receive our newsletter, please subscribe via our website here.

Membership LevelIndividualFamily
Basic$40/year, $6/month$50/year, $6/month
Standard$60/year, $12/month$100/year, $12/month
Premium$125/year, $18/month$175/year, $18/month

Why Join?

  • Support one of the main trail advocating, building, and maintaining organizations in the region.
  • The larger our member rolls, the larger the voice we have when approaching land managers about access.
  • Keep informed on relevant mountain bike news and trail access issues in our region.
  • Access privileges to Rocky Point, where NWTA has private access to 18 miles of trails on 3300 acres 25 minutes from downtown Portland (including access to the hidden Rocky Point map on Trailforks).
  • Meet other people who also love mountain biking!


  • Monthly membership requires auto-renew
  • Level Equivalents – Any custom combination of total membership fees and donations in a year qualifies at equivalent Level price-point, e.g., $6/month + one-donation of $53 dollars = $125/year (Premium Individual)