To read more about what work we do regarding advocacy, see our advocacy page.

How to help with advocacy:

Take part in advocacy campaigns

After the leg work to submit proposals is done by a few dedicated advocates, we need a mass mobilation of folks to write/speak in favor of those proposals. Watch our website and social media for our advocacy alerts. We’ll provide background about the proposal, some talking points, and where to submit your voice. Often this is online, but sometime this is in person like at a city council meeting.

Have passion for a specific region

Do you have passion for a specific area/project? Passion and commitment are two of the most important characteristics for a successful advocate. Advocacy can unfortunately be a slow process, so we need folks that feel strongly about a certain place and are willing to put the time in over several years to make campaigns happen. Contact our advocacy team to understand how you can get involved.

Join a region/park board/commitee

Another key way to contribute to to have off-road bike advocates on park or regional advisory committies. These positions open up every few years and are critical for our user groups voice to be heard.

Leverage relationships

Do you know someone in politics or a local land manager? We are always looking for recruits to advocate for us. Let us know and we can bring you up to speed on our positions and talking points. Getting a foot in the door is often the hardest part.

To find out more, please contact our advocacy team.

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