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Just 30 minutes west of Portland, the LL Stub Stewart State park is 1800 acres comprised of more than 15 miles of trail, ranging from green to double black. These trails are generally open year round and have a little something for everyone!


TRAIL CLOSURES! The following areas at L.L. Stub Stewart State Park are CLOSED until further notice as part of a park-wide forest health improvement project.

1️⃣ Unfit Settlement Trail between the viewpoint spur trail and Hares Canyon junction.
2️⃣ Hares Canyon Trail between the Peavey Hook Bridleway junction and North Caddywhomper Way junction.
3️⃣ The Mountain Bike Core Trail area. This closure will include any part of North Caddywhomper way east of Peaveyhook Bridleway and the entire length of Shoofly and all adjoining mountain bike trails.

These closures may remain in effect until the spring of 2024. Visitors are advised to check park postings and signage or inquire with park staff before hiking or riding on the trail system for closure updates.


Open 24 hours. A $5 parking permit is required. Alternatively, one can purchase a 12 month parking pass for all oregon state parks.


The MTB trails at Stub Stewart did not magically appear or happen overnight. Trail building is a marathon, not a sprint. And it’s due to the persistence of a few determined mountain bikers that we’ve got such wonderful trails so close to Portland.

Although planning for Stub began in the 1990’s, the park didn’t open until July 2007, and then only with access for equestrians, hikers, disc golfers and campers. However, early in the planning phase of park, NWTA (then the Portland United Mountain Pedalers a.k.a. PUMP) took the initiative and suggested to the planners that some dedicated mountain biking opportunities would be good thing to integrate into a state park trail system. Steve Kruger (currently of Trailkeepers of Oregon) was a trail manager ranger at time and he reached out to volunteers to help develop recommendations for a “mountain biking only” area.

NWTA, together with Westside Trail Federation, facilitated the initial build out of mountain bike trails at Stub Stewart State Park.  Moving into the future, NWTA is now collaborating with Oregon State Parks to manage, maintain, and scout additional MTB locations at Stub Stewart. Hundreds of folks have helped dig at volunteer work parties to make the Stub Stewart MTB trails a reality. Those trails finally opened in 2012, with a 5-mile cross country trail and one freeride trail. Over the last seven years, NWTA and WTF have added more than 10 miles to the mountain bike trail system and there’s still more to come!

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