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The NWTA Rocky Point Recreation Area is a leased property owned by the Weyerhaeuser Company (a private timber company). The area is approximately 3,000 acres, has multiple points of access, and currently has a mixture of gravel roads and trails optimized for off-road cycling, but also open to walking. NWTA members in good standing have access to the area, and NWTA is actively engaged with Weyerhaeuser to develop the existing trail network into a more comprehensive system of interconnected trails. Over the coming years, we plan to expand the inventory of XC and DH trails in the area.

Status (3/16/2024)

Rocky Point Road Reopened

Rocky Point Road has been reopened by Multnomah County for full access to through-traffic.

Please note that the section of road that was impacted by the storm damage has been repaired with gravel. Travel with caution through the area that transitions from pavement to gravel.

South Side Rocky Point

Access to the south side is open, but please stay out of the recent clear-cut area.

Note: the following trails are now permanently CLOSED because they have been logged.

  • Skeet Chute
  • Coastal
  • Simba
  • Julie’s
  • Rusty Fiat
  • Tres Amigos

North Side Rocky Point

The north side is open.


Access to the leased property is available to NWTA members provided the following criteria are met:

  1. NWTA membership is current, and member is in good standing
  2. Member has read the terms and conditions found at
  3. Member has signed the online release of liability waiver found at (use the EXACT same name and email address as you used for your NWTA membership)
  4. Member has checked the up to date terms and access status to the property at

Adults may sign a waiver to give access to a minor at the link listed above, but must also sign one for themselves, and the minor must be accompanied by the adult when accessing the property.

Parking details

Trailforks access to Rocky Point hidden trails (If you would like access to the TrailForks maps at Rocky Point, or are having problems with the maps, follow THESE steps)


The trails out at Rocky Point are said to have originated as horse and moto trails. People have been riding bikes out at Rocky Point at least since the 1970s. It started on touring bikes mostly on gravel roads, but with a bit of venturing in on the singletrack. With the advent of mountain bikes in the 80s, folks started to make a more concerted effort to make the trails functional for bikes. The land was sold in 2016 to Weyerhaeuser. This effectively shut down access to most mountain bikers for several years. In 2019 NWTA and Weyerhaeuser entered into a lease agreement.  That agreement allowed NWTA to manage access through its membership. Since then the trail system has been transformed with thousands of hours of trail building and maintenance.

Suggested RP Intro Ride (use Trailforks for map)

North Side Loop

  1. Start at the mid gate parking lot
  2. Cross the road to RP United
  3. Take a right onto Andyland.
  4. RP United out to parking lot


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