Trailwork is a big part of what we do at NWTA. NWTA puts tens of thousands of hours of volunteer work into trail building every year. We are continuously working to further our capabilities through training and education to ensure that we are maintaining the existing trails or building new trails to expand our trail networks in a responsible and sustainable way.

Dig days vary from small midweek groups, medium-sized weekend groups, to large 50-100 person events a half dozen times per year. Fall through Spring in the Pacific Northwest is prime digging season. Winter is an especially great time to take a break from the bike, pick up a tool for some “cross training”, and give back to the trails. Events usually start in November and continue until early summer.

In addition to successfully mobilizing large groups of volunteers, NWTA has a range of tools to help get the work done including a variety of hand tools for all volunteers, a gas-powered wheelbarrow, and trail building machines. Many of our volunteers have decided to get even more involved and capable by acquiring their own trail tools and seeking out additional training and certifications.

To find out more about helping out with a specific trail region, please visit our trail region pages which have contact information for our Local Stewardship Teams.

Dig Day FAQs:

What should I bring to a dig day?

Long pants, boots, gloves, layers appropriate for the season, water, and snacks. Feel free to bring a favorite tool such as loppers and/or a handsaw. We highly encourage you to bring a hard hat or bike helmet. Additionally, carpooling to/from the events is also recommended.

Who should I contact about organizing a dig day that my group (office, scout troup, etc.) can participate in?

Contact: [email protected]

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