River City Bikes Trailhead Meetup Series at Klootchy Creek

On Sunday, August 13 around 30 riders gathered on an uncharacteristically hot day at the Coast for an intermediate social ride at Klootchy Creek. (Manzanita clocked in at 103 degrees, just to give it some perspective!) Needless to say, everyone loved being in the trees!

The riders split into smaller groups, with one starting at Low Tide, which everyone LOVED after griping about the climb a little. The top section is called, “Epic,” and people liked knowing that they could cut out at each road crossing and go back up if they wanted to session a section. 

We then took Chris Cross to Sticky Buns, which some liked even more. A scream was let out at the front of the group — but that turned out to be a good thing! We went left to Recycle for a second lap, though it was universally hated that day for being in the direct sunlight. 

On the way to Mo Flow, Chris Cross got some hoots in the roller section. Mo Flow seemed to deliver on expectations. There were quite a few hoots. 

There were a lot of riders who had never been to Klootchy Creek trails before, and the feedback was super positive. A build your own sandwich lunch was served with a nice choice of beverages. Everyone seemed very stoked. We received good feedback that having local guides with historical knowledge and stories added a nice component to the ride. 

Massive thanks to River City Bikes. The RCB team has continued to deliver on an awesome social ride series geared towards all styles of riders. NWTA is eternally grateful for all they do to get more people out on bikes and on trails.

Thank you as well to the Klootchy Creek team, who spend countless hours honing in some pretty special trails out on the north Coast.