Month: October 2021

Celebrating the NWTA 2022 Planning Meeting

Last Sunday was a day of celebration as leaders and volunteers gathered together at Chris King in NW Portland for our 2022 planning meeting. There was palpable excitement and energy in the room. Why? Not only was it the first in-person meeting of the year, but there was much to celebrate with more miles of … Read More

Trail Closure at Rocky Point

Upper Bob’s Yer Uncle is closed for major repair work from the top to the first road crossing until further notice. Bob’s Yer Uncle saw a lot of use all summer. As a result, the whole trail needs a lot of repairs. The work will include both repairs and re-routes through problem sections. The top … Read More

Trail Closure Announcement at Stub Stewart

Written by Ted Dodd ([email protected]) Notice from the Rangers at L.L. Stub Stewart State Park Effective 10/19/21: Temporary closure at southern Shoofly bridge due to bridge failure. OPRD advises the public not to cross the bridge or attempt creek crossing. Please find an alternate route and plan accordingly. Updates on the issue will be posted on … Read More

10/16 Sandy Ridge Dig Day Recap

Written by Colin Marthaller, Stewardship Director & Quartermaster ([email protected]) The trails at Sandy Ridge see a very high level of traffic throughout every year. This is especially noticeable over the past year and a half. Right on the heels of our (NWTA) formal Volunteer Stewardship Agreement with the BLM (more info here), 24 volunteers came together … Read More

NWTA Enters Volunteer Stewardship Agreement with the BLM at Sandy Ridge

Northwest Trail Alliance (NWTA) enters into a formal Volunteer Stewardship agreement with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) for the mountain bike trails at Sandy Ridge Trail System. This agreement covers the maintenance of the Sandy Ridge Trail System.  Specifically: Layout and design of trail locations based on specifications provided by the BLM Trail corridor … Read More

Member Appreciation Prize

The Northwest Trail Alliance appreciates membership support. Rather than having a membership drive that only rewards newcomers, we are rewarding all members with a chance to win a prize. This applies to everyone who is a current member as of November 30th, 2021 (1). If you are a current member, do nothing and you can … Read More

Vote on Making Shoofly a Directional Trail

Written by Ted Dodd ([email protected]) As a valued member of NWTA we are seeking your input. To enhance the riding experience at L.L. Stub Stewart (aka Stub), we are considering making Shoofly a directional downhill from the bottom of Lower Greenhorn down to the Banks-Vernonia Trail.  WHY – The number of mountain bikers who ride at … Read More

Industry and community

In the last few years, the Northwest Trail Alliance has signed several new stewardship agreements, grown its membership, and built a much larger community of trail stewards. The NWTA has grown the size of its operations by 500%. But another important thing has changed as well. Most of Portland’s mountain bike industry has become actively … Read More

Stub Stewart – 10/9 Dig Day Recap

Written by Ted Dodd ([email protected]) On Saturday, October 9th, the first Stub trail project of the season was a big success! Great weather, lots of laughs, and a huge feeling of accomplishment. When riding lower ShooFly and the switchback on William Creek, you can thank the following volunteers for their hard work: Aaron Stanek, Richard … Read More

Gateway Green Dig Day Recap

The gravity lines at Gateway Green, built during the park’s Phase 2 construction, were very popular amongst mountain bikers of all skill levels. Once the news of the impending closure of ⅔ of the lines, the feedback was swift and not kind. Trimet’s A Better Red project has been in the works since the inception of the … Read More