Vote on Making Shoofly a Directional Trail

Written by Ted Dodd ([email protected])

As a valued member of NWTA we are seeking your input.

To enhance the riding experience at L.L. Stub Stewart (aka Stub), we are considering making Shoofly a directional downhill from the bottom of Lower Greenhorn down to the Banks-Vernonia Trail. 

WHY – The number of mountain bikers who ride at Stub is increasing year after year. As such, there have been requests by riders to make Shoofly a directional downhill trail. This change would mirror how most people choose to ride at Stub (down Shoofly and up Hare’s Canyon).

PRO – Making Shoofly a directional trail will increase rider safety, prevent rider conflicts, and allow us to continue to enhance Shoofly as a downhill trail.  It is worth noting that core Stub volunteers & leaders are united in supporting this change.

CON – Some people like the physical challenge of climbing Shoofly from the bottom. 

PRO – People who enjoy challenging climbs have multiple options to choose from: Climb Hare’s Canyon (with the optional JackStrawed Tarry climb), climb Boomscooter & Unfit Settlement and ride the 4-mile Hollie’s View Point & Bumping Knots loop.

As a valued member of NWTA, supporters of Stub, and volunteer trail builders, we want to hear from you. 

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